Life Through the Lens: Hold tight, little raindrop

How does this raindrop hold on?

We have all seen these little drops defying everything we have been taught about gravity.

They appear to be held by an invisible force.

The answer: adhesion, the water sticking to the leaf; and cohesion, the water molecules holding together to form a drop of water.

I think it's just another example of God being clever.

He's good at doing stuff where we can't always see what makes it happen, but we see the result.

You may not feel he is part of your life, but the unexplainable is that no matter what you think about him, he continues wanting to hold you close, to help you keep life together.

A breeze can cause a raindrop to fall.

God, however, makes a promise: "nothing can pluck you out of my hand" (John chapter 10, verse 28).

Nothing can shake you away from God's love.

He does not want you or anyone to fall away.

His love is also the cohesion, the holding together of life, even when we think and feel everything is going to fall apart.

We cannot see the stickiness holding the drop to the leaf.

We cannot see the cohesion holding the drop together.

But we see the result: a drop hanging where no drop could otherwise hang.

God's love is where we might least expect to find it.

The raindrops remain part of the leaf when there is stillness.

Think about it.