Tips for sharing how you are feeling

Ways to share how you feel

Have you ever been in a situation where you have tried to tell someone something that is really important, but your feelings have taken over and made it nearly impossible for you to say what you wanted to?

This can be really frustrating, especially when you have something you really want to get across.

Here are some quick tips for how to get better control of your feelings and emotions in these situations.

1. Find the right moment - there can be good times and bad times to bring up big conversations. If someone is tired, busy or in a bad mood you might feel like they are not really listening, or they don't understand you. Planning ahead and picking a time that you can communicate face-to-face can help you feel heard and confident you have got your feelings across.

2. Be calm and clear with your feelings - when sharing your feelings, it is better to do so calmly. This can be hard, especially if you feel like you haven't been listened to, but an outburst can derail the conversation. Focus on being clear and collected in your delivery and take the other persons feelings into consideration.

3. Write it down - before you go to sleep have a go at writing down the things that are stressing you out, why it is making you stressed and how you can deal with it.

4. Don't bottle things up - holding onto our feelings or squashing them can lead to a build-up and potential outburst which doesn't always leave us feeling good. Having the occasional vent to a friend, family member or counsellor can be a big help in identifying challenges and overcoming them.

5. Don't forget to listen - Effective communication is always a two-way street, try to avoid interrupting the other person when they respond to your feelings. Remain calm, patient and keep your ears switched on.

For more information on these tips and ways to effectively communicate check out the headspace blog; 5 ways to effectively communicate your feelings.

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