Life Through the Lens: Happy Fathers Day

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

"Happy Fathers Day" is what the card said.

Then why was it lying torn and discarded on the footpath?

A symbol of happiness gone, perhaps trampled on like the card.

Maybe I should have written about "happy Fathers Day" last week.

Maybe now I know why I didn't.

So often we unthinkingly assume that because these celebratory days are happy for us, they are happy for everyone.

If we pause and think, we all know people for whom these days are not happy.

What about the broken relationships, torn-apart families or even families where complacency has replaced love?

When this happens, how can there be happiness?

I walked around the discarded card.

How often do I walk around a friend with a problem?

Do I stop and carefully try to smooth out the scuffed edges of my friend's life?

We have become very good at saying "it is none of my business".

Trying to solve the broken relationship may not be my business, but showing I care should be my business.

A hand on a shoulder can show I care; a look of real compassion says "I care".

Jesus once prayed to his heavenly father, "Father, your will be done" (Luke chapter 22, verse 42).

Maybe, just maybe, if we could all say those words a bit more often, there would be more happy Fathers Days, happy Mothers Days and happy days in general.

Praying that you have a blessed and happy week.