Mustangs muster at Riverglen Marina

The Ford Mustang is eight-year-old Anton's favourite car.

What better reason, thought the organisers of Cars and Coffee Murray Bridge, to ask for 16 of the beautiful vehicles to come from Adelaide for a barbecue lunch and photo shoot at Riverglen Marina on August 17?

The South Australian S550 Mustang car club organised the run.

Two local Mustang owners also attended: Darryl, in his white 1960s Mustang, and Dave, in his blue 2007 Foose Mustang.

Pete and his mule - the workhorse of the marina - also sneaked into the photo shoot.

Cars and Coffee thanked Flash Me Photography and Paul Lloyd for their photos and the We 'Ave Ya Bean coffee and rustic doughnut van for donating their time on the day, and their profits to Beyond Blue.

The weather was beautiful and local residents wandered over to see the well presented Mustangs and enjoy the coffee, doughnuts and barbecue.

The Riverglen Marina lawns were the perfect location, with the mighty River Murray as a backdrop.

In fact, the day went so well Cars and Coffee plans to make it an annual event.

Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly gave Anton's age as seven, not eight.