Ten-year-old Jett McInerney launches family violence book 'Does Your Heart Hurt?' at Murray Bridge Library

Ten-year-old Jett McInerney can lay claims to being Murray Bridge's youngest and bravest published author.

Instead of allowing a firsthand experience of family violence to wear him down, he channelled his feelings into a book, published at Murray Bridge Library on Fathers Day.

"Does Your Heart Hurt?" explores a question he did not remember police and paramedics ever asking him, the question hidden beneath his physical pain.

Proud mum Mel said it had taken Jett five years to channel a "horrific" experience into something positive.

"Jett wanted to ... write about what has happened and how to help other children," she said at the launch.

She expressed her hope that, in future, children would be educated from the time they were in kindergarten about what was and wasn't acceptable behaviour from grown-ups.

"You can tell already (by that age) the children that are already violent and the children that are gentle, and you want to know why and ask questions," she said.

Former state Commissioner for Victims' Rights Michael O'Connell was among the others who spoke at the book launch.

Seven dollars from the sale of each copy will go to Puddle Jumpers, a not-for-profit organisation which helps children who experience domestic violence.