Life Through the Lens: Strike a light

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

What makes a match flash into life?

A small piece of rough stuff on a box meets a small stick of wood and a dob of chemical stuff.

When the two come together under pressure something happens: a flame, light, warmth.

Sometimes we need to meet a rough patch in life to make us spark and come to life.

Rough patches can be useful.

God, who knows all about us, knows when striking a rough patch might be for our benefit.

Sometimes it might even be for the good of those around us.

Sometimes, when we look back, we might see how we grew through dealing with a rough spot.

Knowing when the match needs striking is important.

While no one likes having life scraped over rough patches, I believe God knows and understands all the situations we face.

He also knows when we need to be sparked into being a light.

Such a sparking into light might be what we need to see a problem with a new perspective.

The scrapes in our lives may give us a more sympathetic understanding of the scrapes others might be having in theirs.

To benefit from being scraped over a rough patch we need to look around and discover how it might have been for good, for us or someone else.

There was a guy who had lots of rough patches.

He died nailed on a cross so you and I could be friends with God.

Check out his story: see the gospel of Luke in the Bible.

God bless.