Baby chimpanzee, zebra foal born at Monarto Zoo

Monarto Zoo has announced the birth of two baby animals in the space of a week: first a zebra, then a chimpanzee.

Zebra mum Thembela gave birth in her habitat recently, and keeper Haidee Kinter said the foal had settled in well.

"The foal is looking really strong and healthy so that's excellent news," she said.

"Thembela is an experienced mum, so she's watching the foal brilliantly and making sure it feels comfortable within the herd and around keepers."

Chimpanzee mum Zombi gave birth to her third child, a girl, on Sunday night.

Keeper Hayley Lewis described Zombi as "a truly amazing chimp": matriarch of the zoo's troop and a "superstar" mum to seven-year-old Zuri and four-year-old Enzi.

"Zuri and Enzi are very curious of their new sibling, and have been seen gently touching and even pressing their lips to the little one's head," she said.

"It's extremely enriching for great apes to have infants, and having a range of ages among the troop adds to the overall positive wellbeing."

Another baby chimpanzee, Hope, was born earlier this year.

Ms Lewis said both babies would help rebuild their species, which was diminishing in the wild due to habitat loss and an illegal bush meat trade.