Uniting takes indoor bowls grand final win

The Combined Churches Indoor Bowls premiership season was completed with the grand final matches being played on Friday night.

Murray Bridge Uniting defeated Monarto Lutheran 9-118 to 3-85.

Murray Bridge Uniting had a dominant first half where they won five of the six games and while Monarto Lutheran did better in the second half, having a draw in a couple of games, they could not recover.

Two-game winners for Murray Bridge Uniting were Yvonne Mach and Neville Rawlins, Dawn Hoffman and Colin Rawlins and Robyn Bensch and Barry Hoffman.

Mach and Rawlins defeated Anna and Wayne Day in the first game 13-9 where they scored 11 shots in two ends which made a difference. In the second game they defeated Keith and Joy Paech in a low scoring game, 7-5.

Hoffman and Rawlins defeated Jordyn and Robert Day in the first game 10-3 where they only allowed their opponents single scores before defeating David Clark and Ian Pumpa in the second game 12-7.

Bensch and Hoffman defeated the same pairs. Against Clark and Pumpa they won 14-5 with several multiple scores at the end of the game. This was the biggest winning margin of the night.

In the second game they defeated the Day brothers 9-5 in a very even game but scored five shots late in the game which gave them the lead.

In the other match, which was the nail-biter, Mypolonga Fellowship defeated Salem Lutheran 6-120 to 6-117.

Two-game winners for Mypolonga Fellowship were Jasamine Irvine and Ben Traeger.

Irvine and Traeger defeated Alan McNichol and Roger Farley in the first game 16-6 where after starting the game with a single shot, all of their other scores were multiples.

In the second game they defeated Jan Farley and Valda Jaensch in a closer affair 11-6.

Two-game winners for Salem Lutheran were Peter Jaensch and Lyndon Farley and Caitlin Armstrong and Katrina Klemm.

Jaensch and Farley defeated Chris and Daniel Irvine 16-7. They scored five shots to begin their scoring and finished the game with another five shots.

In the second game they defeated David Baker and Bonita Monjean with the same score (16-7). In this game they also scored multiple shots - five shots early in the game and finished this time with six.

Armstrong and Klemm defeated Max Klenke and Heath Fereday 15-3 before having a similar scoreline against Theo Weinmann and Janelle Traeger 14-5.

Weinmann and Traeger achieved the biggest winning margin in their earlier game against Charlotte and David Klemm 23-5.

With the season at an end the players will contest the junior championship, the husband and wives and the open pairs before the presentation dinner in a fortnight.