Shout-out to all newspaper deliverers

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

I recently received a notice from News Limited advising me that my regular hard-copy newspaper deliveries would cease as of late September.

I write to sincerely thank Hughes Newsagency in Tailem Bend for diligently delivering The Murray Valley Standard, The Advertiser and the Sunday Mail to my gate every day for the past eight or so years.

I live 11 kilometres from the nearest newsagent and double that from Tailem Bend, but each morning I have walked to my gate to pick up the newspaper, knowing it was there - somewhere!

Sometimes it was up in a bottle brush tree, nearly out of reach, or hanging from a two-metre fence, just out of reach and requiring some manoeuvres with a long stick, but it was always there, wrapped in its protective plastic cover to make my reading easy.

The deliverers have had to battle torrential rain, high winds and the dark, but for a few measly dollars they have made my early morning cuppa a delight.

To Hughes and co, my humble thanks for your diligence and customer support over the years.