Life Through the Lens: Jesus is like a bus shelter

A bus shelter in Murray Bridge. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

A bus shelter in Murray Bridge. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Ranging from upside-down water tanks that shelter country school kids, to modern city shelters complete with high tech video advertising, bus shelters can be interesting places.

A bus shelter is for anyone who comes along.

It doesn't discriminate; it welcomes everyone.

Jesus is like that.

He welcomed children and blessed them.

He was happy to meet lepers who no one wanted to meet.

He would be more than happy to welcome you as a friend.

Bus shelters offer a place where a weary person can stop and rest.

Jesus is like that also.

He once said, "If you are weary and life is getting you down, ask me and I'll help you sort it out."

You don't have to be catching a bus to spend time in a shelter.

There are no rules about who can and who can't sit in a bus shelter.

I have even seen people sleeping in a bus shelter.

Jesus doesn't have rules about who can and can't spend time with him.

If you need protection from the weather, find a bus shelter.

Jesus once calmed a stormy sea.

However, he's more interested in calming personal storms that make living rough.

People can chat while sitting at a bus station while waiting for the next part of the journey.

Jesus knows where your life is going.

Sit down and talk to him about it.

We don't think much about bus shelters.

Sadly, we often don't think much about Jesus either.

Thankfully he never stops thinking about us.

Have a great week.