Hypnotist Isaac Lomman hopes to use his powers for good during Murray Bridge visit

Hypnotist Isaac Lomman. Photo: Isaac Lomman/Facebook.
Hypnotist Isaac Lomman. Photo: Isaac Lomman/Facebook.

Isaac Lomman's decision to quit his day job and become a full-time hypnotist in 2015 has paid off big time.

Since taking on a 28-show run at Gluttony as part of the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, he has changed lives and travelled all over the world.

He was "a day out from Bora Bora", entertaining guests aboard a cruise ship, when he spoke with The Standard ahead of a visit to Murray Bridge this week.

"The last few years has been incredible," he said.

"Adelaide Fringe and the audiences that have come along with that have been overwhelmingly amazing."

He first learned about neuro-linguistic programming through his former sales job, and went on to study hypnotism books and take lessons from visiting practitioners.

Rather than using his powers to embarrass people, though, he aims to provide an evening of laughs and wonder with the cooperation of audience volunteers.

"I take care of people in my shows," he said.

"A lot of stage hypnotists get (audience members) to do routines that are ridiculous, dangerous and overly humiliating.

"I just create shows that are highly entertaining without the need to go too far."

The experience of being hypnotised felt like daydreaming, he said.

"I liken it to when we zone out in the car and get lost in our imaginations," he said.

"You're thinking about everything other than driving, yet if you needed to you could easily bring your attention back into the car and driving.

"It's a hyper-focused state of mind, not unconscious like sleep."

It was easiest to entrance people who regularly got into "the zone" through meditation, exercise or reading fiction, he said.

As well as entertaining, Lomman said he was passionate about using his abilities to change lives for the better - he will lead workshops for people who want to lose weight or quit smoking next Wednesday, after his Sunday night comedy show.

In time he hopes to host more "empowering, transformational" seminars, corporate speaking engagements and coaching sessions.