Letters to the editor: October 31, 2019

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Mobilong Prison needs more staff

Why would any one think reducing staff at Mobilong has any merit?

The prison needs more staff, not less, to cope with the increasing drug problems we have in the district!

We need to feel safe in our own homes - everyone have your say!

Dianne Paech, Murray Bridge

Money versus safety

I'm writing in relation to the article about privatising Mobilong Prison ("Letter to the editor", October 24).

It's absolutely ridiculous that this is happening and is putting staff and residents in our community at risk!

Not only that, it's putting 30 staff members out of a job, not to mention that the workload will be so much heavier than it already is for those who manage to keep their jobs if lucky enough!

How can the value of making money be worth more than people's safety?

Ashleigh Voyce, Murray Bridge

Climate emergency

The largest ever petition of 322,000-plus Australian citizens is currently requesting federal Parliament to declare a climate emergency and "with immediacy and haste, reduce the causes of anthropogenic climate change".

There is much more to do.

As individuals, every person can and should do his or her bit.

It's exciting that Canberra has become the first Australian capital city powered 100 per cent by renewables.

As small players, Jacqui and I installed three-kilowatt solar panels several years ago.

Our power costs have averaged $150 per year for the last three years.

Fuel needs for our VW Polo are four litres per 100km - good, but EV is the future.

We've saved $58,000 toward our new electric car ... coming soon!

We refuse to fly because of the huge energy needs - 7000 litres per hour - however electric flights are on the radar.

Anything is possible!

Max Merckenschlager, Murray Bridge