Reflection of love brings more growth

Reflection of love brings more growth

Visiting our son at Bookpurnong in the Riverland last summer I noticed shiny white sheets between the rows of ripening fruit trees.

"Why the white sheeting between the fruit trees?" was my question. Expecting some ingenious and involved reason, I was surprised and felt a little silly when told, "to reflect the sun and help the fruit ripen more evenly."

Of course. Obvious. Why didn't I think of that? Fruit that ripens evenly has to taste better, bring more joy and sense of, "Well that was a nice experience!"

I started wondering, "Do I reflect the light of God's love so other lives might grow and ripen as their creator intended? Do I reflect his forgiveness, or have I let some experience roll me and my life into a bundle? A bundle of self-interest which no longer reflects God's love and forgiveness.

While I am rolled up, no longer reflecting God's love, peace, goodness; is someone left to hang like fruit that never evenly ripens? We know that fruit that never fully ripens withers and eventually drops to the ground and no one benefits.

When I see someone whose life is withering and not achieving full potential, could it be that I have not reflected some friendship, some acceptance, some care into their life?

You may not believe in God. I believe all goodness, kindness caring is something God has placed in everyone.

Maybe if we opened ourselves up more care and love would be reflected, more people would ripen to their full potential and bring more sweetness into all of our lives.