Teams need to chalk up results

Close call: David White, Murray Bridge, measures the shots during his lawn bowls match at Murray Bridge on the weekend. Photo: William Bailey.

Close call: David White, Murray Bridge, measures the shots during his lawn bowls match at Murray Bridge on the weekend. Photo: William Bailey.

Division one

There is no questioning the importance of this weekend's round of Lower Murray bowls; the outcomes might steady the ship or the results could bring on quite a stretch of gurgling.

Points are imperative to all, but more so for RSL, Karoonda and Bridge Blue who all face sides well above them on the ladder.

If these three sides can get through this Saturday it will throw the premiership table into chaos and lift the evaluations enormously, and also promote and bring the whole competition into the standard of play and interest badly needed.

And like "Frommy" famously once said "It's good for the competition".

Bridge Blue v Mannum

Murray Bridge Blue is fresh off the bye are located on the bottom rung of the ladder with only six points to their recognition.

That means they have not won a game as yet and now face up against a rampaging undefeated Mannum side that will be over flowing with confidence.

It is the Bridge Blue teams of Paul Smart, Ben Traeger and Gerry Penta with the tough job of subduing the might of what Mannum's Terry McDonnell, Gavin Pfeiffer and Martyn March will be dishing up.

It looks like a margin of 11-20 shots in Mannum's favour.

Karoonda vTailem Bend

Tailem Bend fronts up for this encounter with a loss two wins and the bye that sits the side in fourth position.

That record puts the Eagles in a pretty good place but skippers Travis Schenke, Duane Edwards and Sam Shepherd, and their team-mates, will be well aware that a loss here then the rating could be short-lived.

Karoonda has slotted in a very narrow win along with two losses so a win here could result in quite a jump in the rankings.

Karonda's Josh Porker has missed a couple and might still be unavailable, if that's the case then the skippers will possibly be Steven Kroehn, Rowan Zadow and Ian Symonds, all very capable of getting their teams up.

At the moment though the Eagles have the better record and look the winners in a very tight 1-10 shots margin.

RSL v Bridge White

The match between RSL and Bridge White could become a tricky match to predict what might happen.

Bridge White started the season with a very smart win, had the bye then recorded a full points win at Karoonda.

They came undone last start but still hangs on to second spot.

Skippers Darren McIntosh, Ted Baxter and Frank Nagy - apart from last weekend's slip-up - have had their teams going as well as anyone else.

Now another test arrives at RSL.

The "Diggers" can only claim the one win and will need to dig a lot deeper if they are to be a genuine threat.

Skippers Noel Kneebone, Jason Sipos and Karen Kneebone must be getting somewhat frustrated at the moment, looking very anxiously for light at the end of the tunnel. It might shine through but so might a freight train as well.

Both sides are coming off losses but I reckon Bridge White will recover the better with a 1- 10 spacing at the finish.

Division two

A surprise or two resulted in some shuffling among the top four in the second division, resulting in Mannum taking over top spot and Bridge Red dropping to fourth.

Meningie lost ground and RSL took quite a tumble while Jervois Red was the big improver going from seventh to third.

Meningie v Jervois Red

This promises to be a real tussle between two sides that will be looking at finals action already.

Meningie fell to Mannum but that will happen to quite a few as the season progresses.

At home Meningie's Ash Hunt, Brian Bagshaw and Trevor Mitchell will be looking for improvement as they tackle the teams of Chester Moore, Dennis Hicks and Heather Fromm.

It will be close but I'll settle for Jervois Red by 1-10.

Karoonda v Bridge Green

Karoonda, back on their home green, will be more comfortable but Peter Jones, Richard Humphys and Valmai Hermann will need a big lift from team-mates to go the pace with second-placed Bridge Green skippered by Kurt Weinmann, John Pol and David White.

Karoonda are a big chance but it looks like Bridge Green at the finish by 11-20 shots.

Bridge Red v RSL

Bridge Red was overpowered last start and while this was going on the RSL contingent was home resting with the bye.

Both have mixed their form but the Red skippers Geoff Kent, Don Harper and Graham Rolton will be quietly confident going into this match holding third position compared to their opponents who were at the helm a couple of weeks back and could be again. Robert Sexton, David Thiele and Perin Kuchel.

As things stand at the moment I'll go for Murray Bridge Red by 1-10 shots.

Tailem Bend V Jervois Black

Another top contest coming up in this cross the river clash, Blacks were right on the ball at home last commitment and making the trip to Tailem Bend will not worry them at all.

In fact skippers Owen Allen, John Obst and Rod Harris are more than confident saying if the ferry is out of action they will swim the river to make sure they get there.

Sounds frightening but I am sure Kevin "Macka' McDonald, Neville Merritt and Scott. Dinham will be ready and waiting.

They will need to be, I am tipping Jervois Black to win by 11-20.

Division three

Jervois v Karoonda

Karoonda is going through a rough patch at the moment and it is hard to see the teams doing enough to upset second placed Jervois, the points will go the way of Jervois one way or another.

Murray Bridge v RSL

RSL bobbed up with a very encouraging win last time out whereas Murray Bridge had a day off and picked up maximum points that moved the teams into third position.

Murray Bridge skippers Jeff Tonkin and Denise Menzies might need the run so I believe Ian Kluge and Jeff Henschke can get their teams up by 1-10 shots.

Mannum Green v Tailem Bend

Tailem Bend after a few good showings ran off the rails last Saturday, and as Mannum Green lost also this should be a super contest.

Ruth Cross and Damian Ackland are in charge of the Tailem Bend teams and they will come up against the teams of Pat Crowe and Bob Hughes.

There is not much between them but I lean a little towards Tailem Bend by about three shots.

Meningie v Mannum Gold

Mannum Gold holds top rating compared to Meningie with just one below them so that tells us a story, even so it will be played at Meningie which could help the home side skippered by Wayne Lehmann and Robert Semmler.

In the wash-up Mannum Gold, with Winston Longbottom and David Evans at the helm, will be favoured to get through by 11 - 20 shots.