Sportmen sit on top of ladder

In action: Jessica Barolo, Coorong, in action during her lawn tennis match on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

In action: Jessica Barolo, Coorong, in action during her lawn tennis match on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.


Sportsmen v Coorong

Sportsmen jumped to the top of the table with a big win over a depleted Coorong side after Saturday's fourth round of lawn tennis.

Coorong had won their opening two matches of the season but they were no match for a Sportsmen side who got off to a flying start by capturing all four opening doubles.

Top pairing Luke Wilson and Matt Casey were in great touch as they breezed past their opponents while young guns Ned King and Luke Crouch had the closest tussle but still manage to comfortably account for Coorong duo Heather Richards and Mick Broadley 9-5 in the bottom double.

This duo though were able to turn the tables on their younger opponents in the singles but unfortunately for Coorong these were the only two singles sets they managed to pick up as Sportsmen took the other six on offer.

Luke Wilson looks like he's back in touch with another sound win while veteran Graham Buttle and youngster Andrew Ahrens impressed with comfortable wins.

Matt Casey battled early against Jack Daniels before notching up a 9-5 win while Jack Joy and Kailan Challinger survived tough encounters.

With the points already secure Sportsmen went on to win three of the four reverse doubles to run out big winners by ten sets.

Swanport v Schools

Swanport entrenched themselves in the top three with a come from behind win over old rivals Schools.

Things didn't go the Swannies way early as Schools forged a two set lead after the early doubles with Dave Altmann and Tania McFee holding out newcomer Jack Staples and Mick Godden 9-7 in the second double.

Swanport reversed their fortunes in the singles however picking up six of the eight contested.

Top duo James May and young gun Jacob Godden had good wins over their experienced opponents, Ben Hattam survived a pivotal tiebreak set against Daniel Altmann while Mick Godden, Albert Goodridge and Lachie Thomas had comfortable wins.

For Schools Dave Altmann had a big win while the wily Rob Butcher survived his encounter with Ryan Farnham 6-4.

With the Swannies holding a two set buffer coming into the reverse doubles they were in the box seat to take the points and by splitting the four remaining doubles they were able to run out victors sets by two sets and move into second spot on the ladder.

Senior results


DOUBLES: J.May & J.Godden v K.McFee & J.Bormann 5-9; J.Staples & M.Godden v D.Altmann & T.McFee 7-9; B.Hattam & A.Goodridge v J.Hampel & D.ALtmann 6-9; R.Farnham & L.Thomas v R.Butcher & J.Altmann 9-6

SINGLES: J.May v J.Bormann 9-5; J.Godden v K.McFee 9-4; J.Staples v D.Altmann 0-9; M.Godden v T.McFee 6-1; B.Hattam v D.Altmann 7-6; A.Goodridge v J.Hampel 6-4; R.Farnham v R.Butcher 4-6; L.Thomas v J.Altmann 6-0

REVERSE DOUBLES: J.May & J.Staples v K.McFee & D.Altmann 2-6; J.Godden & M.Godden v J.Bormann & T.McFee 6-3; B.Hattam & R.Farnham v J.Hampel & R.Butcher 4-6; A.Goodridge & L.Thomas v D.Altmann & J.Altmann 6-2


DOUBLES: A.Morrell & N.Bolt v L.Wilson & M.Casey 0-9; J.Magerkorth & R.Pearce v J.Joy & K.Challinger 3-9; J.Barolo & L.Daniels v A.Ahrens & G.Buttle 2-9; H.Richards & M.Broadley v N.King & L.Crouch 5-9

SINGLES: A.Morrell v L.Wilson 3-9; J.Daniels v M.Casey 5-9; J.Magerkorth v J.Joy 7-9; R.Pearce v K.Challinger 5-7; J.Barolo v A.Ahrens 3-9; L.Daniels v G.Buttle 1-6; H.Richards v N.King 6-3; M.Broadley v L.Crouch 6-2

REVERSE DOUBLES: A.Morrell & J.Magerkorth v L.Wilson & J.Joy 3-6; N.Bolt & R.Pearce v M.Casey & K.Challinger 1-6; J.Barolo & H.Richards v A.Ahrens & N.King 7-6; L.Daniels & M.Broadley v G.Buttle & L.Crouch 3-6


Murraylands took on Sportsmen in the Murray Bridge Lawn junior matches on the weekend and were ahead 3 to 2 after the doubles.

Closest doubles match was between Fenix Coull and Archie Bell for Murraylands against Sportsmen's Taj Rowe and Cooper Lienert with the Murraylands pair winning 6-4.

Murraylands proved too strong in the lower section of the singles, taking seven of the ten on offer.

Archie Bell was involved a marathon single against Cooper Lienert, winning, finally prevailing 6-5, as did teammate Archer Buick against Abby Harrowfield 6-5.

Most valuable player for Murraylands was Takudzwa Mashinge, and Lucas Young received Sportsmen's team award.

Schools played Swanport and had a commanding lead 4 to 1 after the doubles. Schools top pairing of Mikayla Godden and Curtis Mundy battled their way to a close 7-6 win against Swanport's Ned King and Coen Martin.

Ned and Coen, playing number one and two for Swanport both got their revenge in the singles with 6-3 wins over their respective opponents while the closest singles match of the tie was between Schools Annie Vowles and Swanport's Indii Garrett, with Annie winning 6-5.

For Schools, Annie Vowles received her team's award while for Swanport, Alex White was her team's winner.

Closest match of the day was between Avoca and Banks.

Avoca started well and were up 4-1 after the doubles.

Avoca's Darcy Bald and Riley Daniels had to dig deep to win their double against Elise Horstmann and Lachlan Daniels, 7-6 while Bryce Arnold and Patrick Bald also Avoca, had a close match against siblings Alex and Hayden Law, winning 6-5.

Banks stepped up in the singles winning five of the nine on offer.

The Daniels brothers faced off in the second single with Lachlan Daniels for Banks holding out Brother Riley 7-5 while in another close tussle, Banks player Hayden Law held off Patrick Bald to win 6-5.

Avoca though ran out victors 8-65 to Banks 6-58. Most Valuable Player for Avoca was Bryce Arnold, and Hayden Law received his team's award.

Junior results

Avoca 8-65 def Banks 6-58

Doubles: D Bald, R Daniels v E Horstmann, L Daniels 7-6; 0-6; B Arnold, P Bald v A Law, H Law 6-5; T Kruschel, S Jarvis 1-6; Q Short, L King v N Horstmann H Baumgurtel 6-1; C Jarvis, A Vowles v Z Harrington, I Garrett 6-2.

Singles: D Bald v E Horstmann 6-3; R Daniel v L Daniela 5-7; B Arnold v A Law 6-3; P Bald v H Law 5-6; S Jarvis v K Jarvis 0-6; Q Short v N Horstmann 2-6; L King v H Baumgurtel 6-0; C Jarvis v Z Harrington 6-1.

Schools 9-69 def Swanport 5-61

Doubles: M Godden, C Mundy v N King, C Martin 7-6; H Chewings, A Mundy v L King, P Loller 6-4; , B Lienert, R Vowles v A Harm, T Garrett 6-3; D Harrington, L Stewart v L Buick, A White 4-6; A Vowles, C Jarvis v I Garrett, Z Harrington 6-2.

Singles: M Godden v N King 3-6; C Mundy v C Martin 3-6; H Chewings v L King 6-1;A Mundy v P Loller 1-6; B Lienert v A Harm 3-6; R Vowles v T Garrettl 6-4; D Harrington v L Buick 6-4; L Stewart v A White l 6- 4; A Vowles v I Garrett 6-5

Murraylands 10-67 def Sportsmen 5-58

Doubles: B Morrell, TK v L Young, J Crouch 2-6; v S White, O Coull v H Dow, B Loller 1-6; F Coull, A Bell v T Rowe, C Lienert 6-4; B Freaneys, A Buick v P Marchetti, A Harrowfield 6-2; E Franke, C White v Y Harrowfield, Young 6-1.

Singles: B Morrell v L Young 2-6; TK Mashinge v J Crouch 2-6; S White v H Dow 0-1; O Coull v B Loller 6-3; F Coull v T Rowe 6-3; A Bell v C Lienert 6-5; B Freaney v P Marchetti 6-4; A Buick v A Harrowfield 6-5; E Franke v Y Harrowfield 6-1; C White v O Young 6-0