Turf wars: Murray Bridge council considers $1.6m fix on Adelaide Road | POLL

Fixing an eyesore along Murray Bridge's busiest road could cost up to $1.6 million, the city's councillors have been told.

At a meeting on Monday night, councillors were given four options for the replacement of the astroturf which lines Adelaide Road between Maurice and Swanport Road.

The most expensive would involve keeping the trees along the road, but removing the turf and brick squares beneath them and installing shrubs and ground cover.

An alternative - keeping the turf, but maintaining it more regularly and filling the brick squares with ground cover - would cost around $300,000, according to urban design firm Landskap.

Two more options - both involving the replacement of the turf with gravel, shrubs and ground cover - were not costed.

Any new plantings along the road would require watering and maintenance, which would cost more to maintain than the existing turf, the council's assets and infrastructure manager, Heather Barclay, warned.

However, the council could reduce the initial cost by going with different options along different stretches of the road, she suggested.

Cr Andrew Baltensperger, who first proposed getting rid of the turf in January, said he had hoped the job would not prove to be so expensive.

"I find it hard to justify the project in its current form," he said.

"The money could otherwise be allocated to footpaths or our riverfront upgrade."

Cr Clem Schubert also expressed reservations about the cost.

Still, councillors resolved to seek more information about each option.

They will consider which to go with, if any, as they prepare the council's draft budget for 2020-21.