Life Through the Lens: Don't be foiled by life's pressures

Image: Kevin Schrapel.
Image: Kevin Schrapel.

Every morning as I crossed Adelaide Road, I would step over the piece of foil in the picture.

Every day cars, trucks and buses drove over it.

I wondered how long it could stay there.

After some months it was still there, flattened, compressed and reshaped until it had become part of the road.

Only after using a screwdriver to remove it from the road did I realise how much the underside had taken the shape of the road surface.

This piece of foil would one day have been free and floating on the wind.

Unfortunately for it, it landed on the road.

The first vehicle driving over it sealed its fate for months to come.

Were you at one time freely floating through life?

Then, one day, did you find that life had squashed you and started to reshape you?

It might have been someone's unkind word; perhaps the push of a bully changed you; or perhaps an unexpected financial setback, an illness, a feeling no-one cared or just a loss of interest started the change.

Now all you feel is the pressure of life, of the world running over you and reshaping you.

My favourite verse in the whole Bible is where Jesus says "my purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life": John chapter 10, verse 10.

You don't have to be shaped by life's pressures.

Trust Jesus and talk to him about them.


Out loud, like you would a mate, or in a whisper, or just in your thoughts.

The foil now sits on my desk, encased in plastic.

I use it to tell people about the love of Jesus.