Murray Bridge councillors must keep riverfront vision intact

The land on Wildens Way the Murray Bridge council is proposing to sell. Image: RCMB.
The land on Wildens Way the Murray Bridge council is proposing to sell. Image: RCMB.

I pose an urgent question to the council and the community of Murray Bridge: do you believe river access will be adequately served by Sturt Reserve and Long Island Reserve as our city develops?

This question is currently being answered by RCMB in a manner which I believe compromises the future of the enviable river lifestyle our community enjoys.

As a former elected member of council, I have had my turn and have observed and usually enjoyed the vision and energy of successive councils.

It is with alarm that I return in the public domain to the matters being decided by our elected members!

Sturt Reserve is our "jewel in the crown", however it is but a part of the river frontage from Tumbella Reserve to Hume Reserve.

For a growing city, this is a very small piece of irreplaceable real estate.

This frontage will eventually return to RCMB control - leases now in place will return to council in time.

In the meantime leaseholders maintain and enjoy prime public land.

RCMB has, over the years, resisted overtures to offer for sale of any of this frontage, with a vision that our community has a vibrant future and that the current reserves are unlikely to meet the needs of residents and visitors into the future.

Sale of urban riverfront would be a huge impost to an expanding community.

While Sturt Reserve has an exciting future as a community hub, river frontage for more passive activities is a important for lifestyle opportunities.

I also choose to comment on process.

Some time ago the RCMB identified portions of leased riverfront land as community land, with a responsibility to consult the community in the event that a sale were considered.

We have not yet been exposed to consultation from council at a high standard.

As for value, the river frontage is unique real estate with little benchmarking available.

As such, usual council processes of marketing would be essential.

In summary, RCMB compromises the riverfront vision in relinquishing urban river frontage.