Top two set to clash in Lower Murray bowls

Mannum's Trevor Dicker in action during his division one lawn bowls match on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Mannum's Trevor Dicker in action during his division one lawn bowls match on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Division one

It is another series of Lower Murray pennant bowls coming up this Saturday with all fixtures holding extreme interest as bowlers battle it out for premiership points before the door slams shut.

Mannum are in top spot holds a handy lead of nine points over Tailem Bend, then there is only four points separating second from fifth; Karoonda, Jervois and Bridge White. RSL and Bridge Blue have a lot of catching up to do.

Mannum v Tailem Bend

This will be a definitive encounter between two highly-competitive sides that are rocking and rolling at the moment, and in the right mood to handle what will surely be a block buster engagement with no holds barred.

Mannum skippers Gavin Pfeiffer and Terry McDonnell are as mean as junkyard dogs, and while Martyn March is a bit more reserved he will be primed to turn it on for a big one.

Tailem Bend, after last week's success, will be walking tall, but know there can be no room for too many errors especially at Mannum where the scenery can be distracting for a young Scotty Chandler.

Duane Edwards, Travis Schenke and Sam Shepherd are in career best form so with top spot there for the taking this will be a feature event that I think Tailem can negotiate the better by 1-10 shots.

Bridge Blue v Bridge White

This is the one we have all been waiting for, a derby played out between two desperate sides struggling to have a serious impact on the competition.

I had a chat with the Chair of the coffee club recently, and got the impression his members are ecstatic about at last something will be resolved, there will be a winner and the club will have a top dog to groom and pin their hopes on.

Frank Nagy was the only White skipper to get his team through last Saturday, so Darren McIntosh and Ted Baxter will need to rekindle a big improvement from their team-mates.

Talking about upgrading, Blue skippers Paul Smart, Gerry Penta and Ben Traeger have a massive task ahead to salvage something out of what has been a dismal start to the season. Nothing will change this time around White should win by 11- 20 shots.

RSL v Jervois

"The Diggers" once again are looking down the barrel, they have had a couple of encouraging wins but their form overall hasn't been all that much to get too excited about and this is now crunch time.

Karen Kneebone, Jason Sipos and Noel Kneebone with their teams are at the cross roads and need a jab to stay somewhere near the leaders, being at home will help.

We all know what the Bluds are like, they lose a close one, especially when they thought they had it in the bag and it's all doom and gloom at Hicksville. Skippers Russell Schultz, Rodger Zarantonello and Graeme Herbert don't often lose two straight so the betting is they will wipe away the tears and get through this one by 11-20 shots.

Division two

Jervois Red v Karoonda

Karoonda is down somewhat on the ladder while Reds are positioned sixth but only five points away from second, so at Jervois this could be a hard one for the Karoonda skippers Peter Jones, Kevin Burdett and Richard Humphys to get a handle on, certainly not out of it but the Red skippers Heather Fromm, Chester Moore and Dennis Hicks might be going a bit better by 11 - shots.

Mannum v Jervois Black

These two in form sides will be competing the top position, Black trail their opponents by seven points at the moment so they will have to do everything right to bridge the gap. Black have won three of their past fours so the teams of Owen Allen, John Obst and Rod Harris will be quite happy with that.

Mannum has finished in front in their past three outings making it little between them on form. Tom Towns, Ian Windenbank and Stephen Gregory will provide plenty of excitement and at home look the better around 1-10 shots.

RSL v Bridge Green

Greens were beaten last start and dropped outside the four and are only 6 points ahead of their opponents. They did perform very well just the same and skippers John Pohl, Brian Densley and Kurt Weinmann will be very confident of their chances, Tailem caught them on the hop.

RSL scored a couple of weeks back but in the main has been struggling for points, that might change at home but I will still stick with Green by 1 10.

Bridge Red v Meningie

This is one of those tantalizing offerings where positions on the ladder at first glance can be misleading, Meningie is in third position while Red are sixth but only five points on the ladder separates them. Meningie is coming off the bye so that does make a difference as to where they stand in the ratings at the moment.

Graham Rolton, Tom Griffiths and Geoff Kent will be showing the way for Red while Ash Hunt, Trevor Mitchell and Brian Bagshaw will be out to keep up the momentum that Meningie has established and win by 1-10 shots.

Division three

Karoonda v RSL

These two are low on the ladder but such are the placings the winner could make a forward step, Karoonda went down but I have a feeling that skippers Robyn Burdett and Barb. Pope can correct that with their teams at home. RSL on the other hand lost also but Jim Kerville and Ian Kluge weren't that far away, even so it could be a win for Karoonda by about four shots.

Jervois v Mannum Green

Maxine Stasinowsky and Greg Miller have been the regular skippers for Jervois and following a solid win are placed second, which gives them an honest chance. They do however face the teams of Bob Hughes and Beryl Brandle that could be a bit stronger by around 11-20.

Murray Bridge v Meningie

These two are on level points in the middle of the field and it was the teams of Robert Semmler and Wayne Lehmann that got through on just the one rink last time out. I think the Bridge with Brian Hood and Denise in charge will bounce back from a hefty loss and this one by about six shots.

Tailem Bend v Mannum Gold

Tailem is faring alright with Gary Beauglehall and Ruth Cross skippering the teams and of course they can win, but it will be a hard task to topple the top side skippered by Winston Longbottom and David Evans. It will be played at Tailem which will be a slight advantage, but it is hard to go past Gold; I'll lean towards them by 1-10 shots.