Murray Bridge duo are world champions

For Murray Bridge powerlifters Janet Smith and Kevin Conway, this year's World Championships in Lahti, Finland last month was a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

The pair were faced with time zones and body clock differences, extreme cold weather and injuries among a few other challenges.

Janet Smith competed on the opening day, in the 75 kilogram weight class and 50-54 age group, weighing in at 73.4kg

After training so hard and getting consistent and rising numbers in all lifting, she was feeling the disappointment go through her on competition day as she only reached warm-up lifts (lifts made in training) for all of her attempted lifts.

Janet Smith's results:

  • Squat 135kg
  • Bench 87.5kg
  • Dead-lift1 83kg

However, her dead-lift broke the the current world record by .5 kilograms.

Smith completed the day with a new world record for dead-lift and a first place in WPC Raw World Masters 3 Female 2019.

Coach Kevin Comway, Capo president Andrea Stern and other competitors offered a lot of support towards Smith, seeing the struggle she was enduring.

Conway said, "What you do in the gym for training and what you do on competition days are two completely different things," he said.

Reassuring Smith, he also said it was "time for character building".

Conway himself competed on the third day of competitions.

It was a chilly start for Conway, a minus 7 degrees.

Conway competed in the 100kg weight class and 60-64 age class

Conway got his best squat on his second attempt, squatting 170kg.

His next lift was the bench press, injuring his shoulder on his third attempt.

This made for some serious decision-making for his next lot of lifting, being dead-lifts and chasing a world record.

Anyone who knows Kevin would not be surprised that he continued on to compete in the rest of the.

He had to put the weight back considerably to what he had planned to lift originally.

He got through all three attempts, with pain written across his face and absolute determination.

Conway's last attempt won him a new world record at 245.5kg breaking the current record by .5kg.

He also won first place in WPC Classic Raw World Masters 5 Powerlifting.

This was the last competition for the Murray Bridge duo in 2019.

The pair are now shifting their focus to the 2020 national titles in Western Australia.

Longer term, both Conway and Smith will then focus on the next World Championships to be in Portugal in 2021.