Life Through the Lens: Drilling for foundations

A drilling machine at the Bridgeport Hotel construction site. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

A drilling machine at the Bridgeport Hotel construction site. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

It's all part of a change: knock something down, build something new; replace the old with something new and hopefully better.

If your new structure is going to be stable, strong, long-lasting and meet requirements, it needs planning, along with a firm, solid foundation to support the new structure, be it a multi-story building, a life or a relationship.

In the Bible, Jesus tells a story comparing two home builders.

One built on a rock; the other took the easy way of building on sand - there were no raft foundations in those days.

All was good until the rains came, the storm raged and the winds arrived.

Then great was the collapse - check out Matthew chapter seven, verses 24 to 27.

If there is no rock immediately available, then most likely we have to drill down until we find it.

Some try to build a life according to God's word and principles: a weekly perusal of the Bible or another Christian book.

Then the storms of life arrive and they wonder why the support they expected to sustain them doesn't appear to be there.

Don't get me wrong: God is quite capable of giving support regardless of our labours.

However, it is wise to dig into his word and find the rocks of wisdom, strength and peace; otherwise why would Jesus have told the story of the builders?

Many parts enable the machine to drill to a solid foundation.

There are many parts to building a life foundation with God and his love, including regular Bible reading, talking to God about everything, joining other builders and sharing techniques.

Happy drilling.