Life Through the Lens: Do we need to hold on to it all?

This is the vine. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

This is the vine. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

It's a new year.

What are you going to hold onto and take with you into the new year, even if it may not be helpful for personal growth?

This plant, which should have been reaching for the sunlight up a trellis, was crawling along the ground.

Imagine my surprise when I lifted it and found its tentacles clutching onto pebbles, useless stones, not nutritious soil.

Even when it was lifted and moved to where it was meant to be, it still held onto those little rocks.

How often are we like that vine?

We clutch onto things - thoughts, hurts and desires - which may not benefit us.

If we thought about life choices in the same way as a God who loves us - a God who is only concerned about what is best for us - does, we would let those things go.

We would use the blessings he offers to help us grow toward our full potential.

That potential would include a year of growing into a stronger, more loving friendship with him and with family and friends.

It often means letting hard thoughts and feelings drop away and instead grabbing hold of a trust which helps grow new and stronger bonds of forgiveness and love, between this God who cares and yourself, between yourself and those who should be close to you.

He said "grow your life in God's reality, God's initiative, God's provisions; don't worry about missing out" in Matthew 6:33.

May God give us all a year of joy.