Mid Murray Council workshop will feed into disability access, inclusion plan

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

People with a disability, carers and support organisations are invited to a public workshop at Mannum next Tuesday night.

Disability access and inclusion will the topic for the 7pm gathering at the Mid Murray council office.

The council is developing a plan to ensure people with a disability have equitable access to public buildings, facilities, events and information.

It also wants to eliminate discrimination against people with a disability, encourage community members to recognise that such people have the same rights as anyone else, and become a more inclusive employer as an organisation.

With support from disability access consultants Environarc, the workshop and a community survey to follow will be used to develop an action plan focusing on changes to be made to infrastructure - including parks, footpaths, libraries and tourism facilities - as well as policy, planning processes, council meetings and in other areas.

Mayor Dave Burgess said he wanted the Mid Murray to be an inclusive community in which everyone could access public facilities and participate in events.

"Recent data shows that about one in five people in South Australia have a disability, which means a significant portion of our community - and potential visitors - need better support to access a range of services," he said.

"A strong disability and access plan can provide many benefits, including increased opportunities for social inclusion, improved physical access to facilities and buildings, enhanced community and individual wellbeing and a greater recognition of our diverse residents and visitors.

"This plan will help inform the way we do things in the future, assist us in removing barriers for people with a disability and their carers, and ensure everyone can have access to the same activities and services."

Development and environmental services director Jake McVicar said the council wanted to give all community members, especially those directly affected, to have a chance to help shape the disability access and inclusion plan.

All South Australian councils will be required to have similar plans by the end of 2020.

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