Globelink plan abandoned by state government, Dukes Highway may become priority

Not for the first time, a grand plan has turned to dust at Monarto.

The state government announced on Monday it would abandon its plan to build a freight transfer facility and airport at Monarto, and a road and rail bypass from there through Truro and into northern Adelaide.

A business case prepared by consultants KPMG found the cost of all parts of the plan would far outweigh the economic benefits.

Instead, it recommended upgrading existing roads and railway lines, opening new international air routes from Adelaide, and leaving the development of any freight transfer hub to private enterprise.

KPMG also found the idea of a high-speed link between the South Eastern Freeway and South Road - whether via Cross Road, Grand Junction Road or a new road to the south - would be worth investigating down the track.

Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Minister Stephan Knoll said the state government had fulfilled its promise to complete the business case.

However, he said the proposal simply did not stack up.

"As a responsible state government with the best interests of taxpayers at the forefront of all our decisions, we will be adopting all recommendations in the (KPMG) report," he said.

Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick said he was disappointed at the report's findings.

"I think it was a great vision," he said.

"At the end of the day ... all the markers were telling us it wasn't viable.

"But you need to have these big ideas."

He hoped his government and its federal counterpart would now be able to focus on duplicating the Dukes Highway between Tailem Bend and the Victorian border, as well as the Swanport Bridge.

Doing so could improve the efficiency of the road network, he said, and - more importantly - save lives.

Doing so could improve the efficiency of the road network, he said, and - more importantly - save lives.

Three have been lost on the Dukes since mid-November.

An Adelaide man died near Coomandook on January 11, an Aldinga Beach man at Cooke Plains on December 9 and a Victorian man near Tintinara on November 25.

In each case, the men's cars collided head-on with a semi-trailer.