Final four looks set in Lower Murray lawn bowls


The 15th round of Lower Murray Bowling Association Saturday pennants has given a strong indication on how the final four will shape up.

Jervois only got nine points for the win against RSL but stays three points at the top of the table ahead of Mannum, who were beaten by Tailem Bend.

Bridge White, in third spot, proved it is the real deal with an all rinks up win opposed to Bridge Blue.

Then not far away comes Tailem Bend with Karoonda 11 points outside the four.

They did, however, get the bye out of the way and that should help.

There is still four minor rounds fixtures to go but RSL and Bridge Blue have run out of time.

Tailem Bend v Mannum

At Tailem Bend the locals and Mannum played out an absolute thriller with the home side claiming victory 55-52.

Travis Schenke's rink of Merv Stevens, Scott Chandler and Graeme Millard had a gigantic struggle with Mannum's Graham Wakefield, Peter Wegener, Garry Fower and Trevor Dicker before winning by enough shots to get Tailem Bend over the line by the overall margin.

Tailem Bend started a bit the better but by the seventh end Mannum had hit the front by one shot.

Tailem Bend hit back to win four ends straight to go four up.

The scoreboard fluctuated for quite a few ends but a four to Tailem Bend one the 18th set up a handy lead.

Mannum was only to score one more shot while Tailem Bend added two more singles to finish the game 20-13.

Sam Shepherd and his Tailem Bend team comprising David Hoare, Damian Ackland and Kevin McDonald with the help of a five on the sixth end led Gavin Pfeiffer, Ron Vantijn, Chris Mundie and Richard Symonds 13-5 on the eighth end.

Then, three singles straight to Tailem Bend extended the lead to 10 shots.

After that an extraordinary change came over the match, Mannum took complete control over the last seven ends scoring 11 shots, while pinning their opponent's down to a single shot scored on the last end.

It was a fine comeback by the Mannum players to finish so strongly and force a drawn result.

Mannum picked up two points for a four-shot win by Terry McDonnell' team Martyn March, Reimer Andt and Thomas Towns.

They came up against Duane Edwards, Rob. Hales, John Gregory and Colin Baxter.

The Mannum four set the early pace but the lead they had was cut back when a five to Tailem Bend levelled the scores.

Mannum finished the healthier though and from the 16th end to the last scored eight shots with only two in reply from Tailem Bend.


Following a comprehensive win Meningie shows the way four points ahead of Mannum with Jervois Red third and then Jervois Black completing the top four.

Mannum collected full points against Bridge Red, Stephen Gregory up by seven shots, Graham Leathers had six to spare and Ian Windebank 12.

Bridge Green upset the more fancied Jervois Black by two shots; Kurt Weinmann's rink was the match winner with an eight-shot winning margin.

Len Gommers made it by six for Jervois while Rod Harris, Jervois, and John Pohl figured in a drawn result.

Karoonda at home caused an upset over RSL winning 64-19.

Karoonda's Kevin Burdett made it 24-10, Richard Humphys was up 28-12, leaving Peter Jones a very good 15-shot winner on his rink.

Tailem Bend v Meningie

At Tailem Bend, Meningie outscored the locals 64-47 with all rinks up.

Meningie's Brian Lord and Sally and David McKechnie always held a reasonable margin opposed to Neville Merritt, Steve Gorge, Stuart Rooke and Robert Parker.

It was close at the finish though with Meningie in by three shots.

The visitors Brian Bagshaw, Roger Marsh Syd Greig, and Rob Semmler started with 10 shots on the board before Scott Dinham, Kevin Griffiths, Rob Hughes and Brett Tomkinson scored.

A five to Tailem Bend on the 16th end tidied things up a little but at the finish it was still Meningie by 13 shots.

On the other rink the teams of Meningie skipper Nathan Mammone with Merv Hill, Wade Mitchell and Mar Little played out a tremendous struggle against Tailem Bend's team of Peter Connolly, Bevan Jaensch, Dennis Ackland and led by Ian Shepherd.

In a strange bout of scoring, Tailem Bend won 13 of the 21 ends played but in that count Tailem Bend registered 13 singles in their final score of 14.

It was mainly a skippers game with both players contributing to their team's fortunes, especially Mammone as the singles tell a story.

The teams went into the last end with Tailem Bend up by three shots, then a four the highest score of the match was produced by the Meningie team in a fine display of pressure draw bowling.


Holding a 22 points lead Mannum Gold looks all set to prepare for a finals berth as minor premiers.

Other positions will be contested between Jervois Meningie and Mannum Green, Tailem Bend is an outside chance.

It's been a very good round of bowls for Karoonda, winners in division two and now the same in this division.

Up on both rinks against RSL Yvonne Burdet made it by two shots and Belinda O'Malley by 15.

Mannum Green is back on track with a full points win opposed to Jervois, Ray Westcombe won 23-12 and Beryl Brandle 25-8.

Meningie also carded maximum points over Murray Bridge, 44-25, Wayne Lehmann 20-14 and Glen Andrews 24-11.

Mannum Gold went in heavy favourites against Tailem Bend but did lose on one rink where Margaret Woidt got through 19-18.

Winston Longbottom is doing wonders with his team winning 37-11 steering the side to a 25-shot win.