Life Through the Lens: How friends are lost and forgotten

Forgotten: An old cutting. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Forgotten: An old cutting. Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

This old railway cutting, linking the west and the east, the north and the south of our country was once one the most, if not the most, important rail cutting in the country.

It saw the passing of freight trucks, rail passengers and trains loaded with troops and their equipment going off to defend our country.

Now no longer useful, it lies discarded and forgotten by most, merely a place to discard shopping trolleys and other junk, overgrown with feral trees and weeds.

Sadly, we so often treat each other in the same way.

How many friends that we once swore lifetime allegiance to with the words "we will be friends for life, I will never forget you" are now a vague memory, a face dimmed and lost in the fogs of time and distance?

Other things, other people, have become more important.

Our needs have changed and we fill them with different friends, or maybe only acquaintances.

Most of us don't deliberately discard our friends, but times and needs change, distance intervenes and we move on, we forget, we are forgotten.

That is why these words from God are so precious: "I will not forget you - see, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands" - Isaiah chapter 49, verse 16.

Just imagine: every time God sees his hand, he also sees your name, and he thinks to himself "I love that person so much I sent my son Jesus to die so we can be friends, now and forever: never forgotten, always valuable".

Think of a friend today and let them know they are not forgotten.