Murder weapon missing, but clues found in Murray Bridge case

A tomahawk allegedly used to murder a Murray Bridge man has not yet been found, police have revealed.

Police are appealing for public help as they continue to investigate the death of 47-year-old Oliver Todd, whose body was found dumped at Jervois in December.

There were signs of a physical struggle at Mr Todd's Tennyson Avenue home, police said, suggesting he had been attacked with a tomahawk or small axe.

His body was then wrapped in a wool bale bag and transported in the back of a red Nissan Navara ute to a spot out of sight at Jervois, about 250 metres from the intersection of Jervois and Generals Corner Roads.

CCTV footage obtained by police shows the car pulling into the Shell service station on Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge at 5.50am on December 11, numberplate clearly visible.

Separate footage then shows a vehicle believed to be the same one on Mulgundawah Road, travelling towards Mr Todd's house, at 5.53am.

Police found Mr Todd's body at 4.30pm that afternoon.

They also found a child's bike nearby, which they described as unusual for the area.

Two Murray Bridge men, aged 30 and 49, were arrested and charged with murder on December 12.

Detective Inspector Billy Thompson said any information the public could provide - about the location of the tomahawk, the red ute's movements or the history of the child's bike and the wool bale bag - could prove "vital" to the investigation.

"Police are releasing photos of the child's bike and CCTV footage of the red Navarra in the hope that someone in our community might recognise the bike or that they may have seen the Navarra in the Murray Bridge area on December 11 last year," he said.

"We encourage anyone with information to do the right thing and come forward.

"You can do so anonymously."

The Standard has chosen not to publish the CCTV footage because of a court order suppressing the identities of the men accused of the crime.

The court order had previously prevented media from identifying Mr Todd.