Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club learns the art of tamari, Japanese floral arrangement

This month, the Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club has commenced its monthly meetings on the first Wednesday night of the month in the Seventh Day Adventist Church hall on Myall Avenue, Murray Bridge.

The meeting commenced with a presentation by Mr and Mrs Malcolm and Jan Kentish, from the Rose Society of South Australia, to mark the 60th anniversary of the club's membership of the society.

Mr Kentish said how delighted he was to visit Murray Bridge and to recognise the club's 60 continuous years of membership, and thanked the club for its ongoing support.

Following the presentation Sue Jaensch, of Murray Bridge, demonstrated and explained the art of floral arrangement.

Club members watched in awe as Mrs Jaensch set about using her artistic and creative skills to make four stunning pieces of floral art.

The first followed the tamari style.

"Tamari is a Japanese form of floral art that centres on the joining of sticks or leaves with paper-covered wires to form a flexible shape that is wound around a frame," she said.

"I have been using this form of floral art now for many years, ever since it became popular in Australia towards the end of last century."

Having concluded the tamari design, Mrs Jaensch set about creating two contemporary pieces of floral art using pieces of wood, flowers and leaves gathered that day from her garden.

Contemporary floral art's objective is to create a construction that looks like a piece of art that is happening now.

Mrs Jaensch's final creation used the floral art technique known as tapestry.

"This is a low design that could, for example, be used as a table arrangement, with materials placed in groups or similar types of materials at different heights to cover the surface area of a low bowl or tray," she said.

"It was back in 1975, when I started going to meetings of the Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club, that my interest in floral art really began," she said.

"From there I attended TAFE, which in those days ran floral art classes conducted by the late Mrs Doreen Phillips.

"In 1986 and '87 I had the pleasure myself of conducting floral art classes at the Murray Bridge TAFE, and it is there where I met my friend, the late Mrs Judy Fountain.

"We established the Murraylands and District Floral Designers Group in 1999.

"Sadly, with Mrs Fountain's passing in 2017, the group has ceased to operate, as we have been unable to fill all leadership positions.

"For years now I have been a member of the Floral Design Council of South Australia, which has seen me judging floral art exhibits at the Murray Bridge Show as well as shows around the district."

February competition results

  • Fruit: 1st D Woidt, 2nd B Rule
  • Large garden, cut: 1st D Woidt, 2nd S Patrick, 3rd R&C Butcher
  • Small garden, cut: 1st D Woidt, 2nd D Woidt, 3rd B Rule
  • Rose bloom: 1st B Rule, 2nd B Rule, 3rd B Clasohm
  • Miniature rose, single bloom:1st R&C Butcher, 2nd B Rule, 3rd R&C Butcher
  • Vegetables: 1st S Patrick, 2nd S Patrick
  • Home-made produce: 1st D Woidt, 2nd B Rule
  • Pots/containers/hanging baskets: 1st B Rule, 2nd B Gibson, 3rd B Rule
  • Craft: 1st B&D Hoffman, 2nd B&D Hoffman
  • Eggs: 1st P Crowley, 2nd P Crowley
  • Clustered flowered roses: 1st R&C Butcher, 2nd B Rule, 3rd B Rule
  • Potted succulent: 1st D Woidt, 2nd D Griffiths, 3rd B&D Hoffman