Tailem Bend toilets still 12 to 18 months away

The public toilets on Railway Terrace, Tailem Bend. Photo: Google.
The public toilets on Railway Terrace, Tailem Bend. Photo: Google.

Tailem Bend's new public toilets will not likely be built for at least another 12 months, the Coorong council has advised.

The council's plans to replace the toilet block near the Railway Terrace visitor information centre hit a major snag last April when the company contracted to do the job, Unique Urban Built, went into administration.

Work had been due to start within weeks.

Mayor Paul Simmons said last week that the council had since gone back to the drawing board.

Staff would be asked to produce two or three new designs for the building, he said: one with a more traditional built form and another one or two in a more basic style, similar to the one at the Pangarinda Botanic Garden at Wellington East.

There would be "significant" cost differences between the designs.

Each would also be less grand than the design originally proposed, which had included five male and seven female cubicles and drew criticism from some locals.

"We've made no formal decision, but we've given staff some direction on form, design and timing," he said.

"It won't be built in the financial year we're in.

"I'd hope we'd make a decision in June-July, then be in a position to go through a tender process."

Construction of the new toilets would likely be 12 to 18 months away, he said.

Cr Simmons denied the project would be delayed any further because of the $2 million worth of projects the council had been funded to deliver through the federal Drought Communities Program.

However, he said it had been "on the back burner" for the past six months while other issues, including the hiring of a new chief executive officer, took precedence.

The update was prompted by a question from resident Sandra Douglas during the council's public question time.