Life Through the Lens: Rooted in God's love

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Broken off from the parent plant, these bits of the plant were destined to wither and die.

Fortunately, Ruth knew the potential of that broken bit.

She knew the flowers that it could produce, if cared for, if given a chance to grow and flourish; hence the glass of water and the new roots.

We have all had times in our lives when we may feel "broken off".

It might be from family, friends, work colleagues, society, or maybe even from ourselves.

But there is a way to go on and flourish.

That is what the God of love offers.

If only dipped in the water, no new roots would have grown.

These pieces of the plant had to be surrounded by water, immersed in water.

Our loving God offers to surround us with his love so that a loving relationship can be re-rooted, leading to a life which blossoms into the full potential God has planned for that life, a life in all its fullness and joy.

Sadly, often we only want to dip into God's love and then go our own way.

That plant also needed to experience the warmth of the sun.

If we are going to flourish, we need to experience the warmth of others, but especially the warmth of God's love through Jesus.

You don't feel loved by God?

Maybe you need to talk to him about it, wholeheartedly.

Check out Matthew chapter 11, verse 28 in the Bible.

Remember, God's plan is for you to flourish, experience joy and bring joy to those whose lives you touch day by day.

God bless.