Green light given for cull

Green light given for cull

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has given the green light to short-term strategies to disturb the large flock of little corellas at Wellington and other places along the river.

The Little Corella Working Parting put forward a list of measures to deter the white birds from congregating both sides of the river at Wellington, along with other riverfront reserves where the flock is impacting local people.

The proposal included collaborative work with Coorong District Council to "disrupt" birds on Wellington council reserves; a short term cull through a company contracted by Coorong Council at Wellington; targeting scout birds "wherever they may initially arrive" ahead of the 2020-21 season; and continuing work on short, medium, and long term ways to manage flocks of little corellas in the Murray Bridge council district.

At its March meeting, the working party had discussed at length the situation at Wellington.

The party noted the mayor, councillors and council staff had received multiple calls each in recent weeks about Wellington's little corellas and their impact on residents, and Paul Gillon from the Department of Environment and Water also fielded more calls from Wellington residents from February onwards.

At the council's March meeting, it supported the working party's proposal.

Rural City of Murray Bridge mayor Brenton Lewis said the decision was to support Coorong District Council as it moved into its patch of Wellington to cull and deter the flock there.

He said action needed to be taken on the "out of control" populations.

"We've got an agreement with the working group to undertake culling and to deter (the little corellas)," he said.

He said the council would rather a professional undertook the measures instead of individuals in the area taking matters into their own hands.

"Not everyone wants to see a cull, but no one wants to see maimed birds," he said.

"A fair percentage of the public will become upset about a cull. For council, it is a no-win situation. However, I believe that everything gets to a point where there is no hard decision to make, and this is not a hard decision to make."