COLUMN: Life Through the Lens

I had just watched another update on the COVID-19 virus.

Turning the TV off and wandering outside, I thought. "Being up-to-date is essential. We need to know about the threat to ourselves and others; be responsibly aware of the consequences of this threat to our way of life. But, is this barrage of information - of news stories, of speculation breaking down our resilience - threatening the usually positive mindset, for which Aussies have always been world-renowned?"

Then I saw a small colourless feather caught in a rose bush.

I recognised it as a Spoggie feather. We have all seen Spoggie feathers.

Due to cancellations, today, I had more time than I'd planned on. I looked more closely at that feather.

I tried to define the parts of the feather, where on the sparrow's body had it come from?

COVID-19 went from my mind. By checking Ornithologist Google, I discovered there are five individual parts to a feather. Fancy that.

By carefully observing something that is not going to be changed by COVID-19, we can again see that there is much more going on in our world than what the newscasts tell us; we can free our minds to focus on the daily positives still happening.

Suggestion: Each day invest even a little time focusing on some object that COVID-19 cannot impact. Consciously break the thought cycle.

By the way, Jesus had something to say about sparrows and God's great love for us.

Check it out in Matthew 10:29-31.

Stay safe,