Coronavirus: 8-10 cases in the Murraylands, SA Health says

A "heat map" published on April 8 shows no confirmed coronavirus cases in the Coorong or Karoonda East Murray districts, one in each district coloured blue, two in Murray Bridge, 3-4 in the Mid Murray and Alexandrina districts, and 33-35 in the parts of Adelaide shaded red.

Eight to 10 people have now been diagnosed with coronavirus in the Murraylands, SA Health has revealed.

An updated version of its "heat map" of South Australia, published on Wednesday afternoon, showed:

  • Two confirmed cases in Murray Bridge
  • Three to four in each of the Mid Murray and Alexandrina districts
  • None in the Coorong or Karoonda East Murray districts

However, SA Health warned that community members should not use the map to make decisions about travel, hygiene or whether to follow social distancing advice.

Four hundred and twenty cases had been confirmed in SA by Wednesday afternoon, including 38 in the Barossa Valley and 33 linked to Adelaide Airport.

Two patients had died of the disease, and a third succumbed to it overnight.

Anyone who has been at the airport since March 17 should seek testing for coronavirus, and anyone who has visited either area since March 14 and who develops symptoms - a fever, a sore throat, a cough, fatigue, a runny nose and/or muscle aches - should get tested and self-isolate.

Almost three quarters of all SA patients contracted the virus overseas.

SA Health had previously published more vague figures which had suggested 3-12 cases in the Murraylands, making it impossible to say whether any new cases had been confirmed in the past week.

Sunday, April 4

By April 4, 409 coronavirus cases had been confirmed in South Australia.

Almost three quarters had caught the disease overseas, including more than 80 who had a link to the cruise ship Ruby Princess which docked in Sydney last month.

Only three had caught it in the community.

While nine people had been admitted to an intensive care unit, none had yet died, and 51 had recovered.

Image: SA Health.

Image: SA Health.

Thursday, April 2

As few as three or 12 at most - that's how many Murraylands residents had tested positive to the coronavirus, SA Health revealed on April 2.

For the first time, the department provided an approximate location for each of the state's 367 confirmed cases.

There were between one and four cases among residents of each of the Murray Bridge, Mid Murray and Alexandrina local government areas.

No cases had yet been confirmed in the Coorong, Karoonda East Murray or Southern Mallee districts.

SA Health had previously refused to tell the public where coronavirus cases were located, even in the face of wild rumours circulating on social media as long as three weeks ago, and even when most other states were doing so.

The public would be notified only if they were at risk, the department had said; the need to protect patients' identities would otherwise come first.

Anyone who has travelled overseas, to Adelaide Airport or the Barossa Valley and who has symptoms including a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fatigue should seek testing and isolate themselves at home until a result comes back.

Opposition health spokesman Chris Picton said he was glad the public would be better informed "at last".

"It is disappointing it took so long to get to this point," he said.

"This certainly will make residents in (highly affected) areas like Mitcham and Marion pay even closer attention to the requirements of social distancing and hand washing."

Next, he called on the government to provide more information about the scientific modelling which was informing its decisions, including the decision to keep South Australia's schools open.