Letter to the editor: Tour Down Under helped Mannum

Photo: Mid Murray Council/Facebook.
Photo: Mid Murray Council/Facebook.

As a participant in the challenge ride and as a Mid Murray council resident, I beg to disagree with Cr Peter Smith ("Tour not loved by all", February 20).

During the event, many riders were discussing where they were going to stop for coffee and food in Mannum and the town looked absolutely fabulous as we rode in past the bird sanctuary.

Many riders commented on Mannum's welcoming feel.

Mannum was well promoted in the international telecast and, having won the Best Dressed Town award, Mannum gained additional recognition and exposure through the TDU website.

The benefits to Mannum cannot be measured only on the day, but in the future as visitors and spectators from the telecast plan to visit.

One visitor to Mannum on the day told a fellow cyclist how she was planning to move here, she was so impressed with the town during the TDU.

I can't imagine that a business would plan to close based on the effect of one day.

I don't think the interruption to the main street businesses is much different to when other events such as the Truck and Ute Show or Christmas pageant are held.

I hope that in the future that Mannum will be able to be involved in the TDU again and that more business opportunities will be exploited when there are so many visitors to the area and international exposure, not only on the day but before and after the event.

Louise Bond, Cowirra