Unemployment rate hits 10 per cent in Murray Bridge - and that's before the coronavirus

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

The unemployment rate was already trending up in the Murraylands before the coronavirus hit, the latest Department of Education, Skills and Employment figures have shown.

An estimated 1636 people were unemployed in the region at the end of 2019, up from 1300 a year earlier.

The local unemployment rate rose from 5.7 to 7.3 per cent, a full percentage point above the state average, as the number of jobless people rose while the number of people available to work fell slightly.

Murray Bridge was hardest hit, as 225 people lost their jobs or began looking for work, pushing the city's jobless rate above 10 per cent.

Hundreds of thousands more Australians are expected to be put out of work due to the current virus outbreak, though economists say the federal government's wage subsidy will allow hundreds of thousands more to keep their jobs.