Johnstone Park combined clubrooms may still go, despite 10-year lease

The combined clubrooms at Johnstone Park may still be demolished and replaced within the next 10 years, despite a lease extension offered to the community groups which use them.

The Murray Bridge council has clarified its position about the community facility next to Imperials' football oval as it seeks public feedback on the proposed lease extension of five years, with an option for another five.

Car collectors, gardeners, the Country Women's Association and other groups would be able to keep meeting at the clubrooms, city assets manager Malcolm Downie said.

But ultimately it was not fit for purpose and would need to be replaced, possibly before the lease expired.

"The long-term future for the clubrooms ... would be off the site, but we don't have a master plan or funding yet," he said.

"This certainly gives the people that use the combined clubrooms a lot more certainty, but for a lot of reasons it's not a suitable building.

"It's built of Besser blocks and the toilets and kitchen are very small."

He said the council had originally identified the need for a replacement facility - perhaps one which could be shared between many of the community groups which met in Murray Bridge, just as the town hall was shared between those which needed a performance space - back in 2015-16.

The clubrooms were then left off a long-term master plan for Johnstone Park a year ago, sparking anxiety among some members of the groups which regularly used them.

The building was originally built as a youth centre in the 1970s.