South Australian Certificate of Education board agrees to year 12 exams and assessments amid the coronavirus

Country students able to graduate

It is a sign of relief for hundreds of country year 12 students that they will be able to sit their final exams this year.

This comes as the South Australian Certificate of Education board agreed to continue exams and assessments due to changes in the system triggered by the coronavirus.

The board said on Tuesday that exams would be moved to allow teachers to prepare for the extra workload.

"It was a good outcome," said a board spokesperson.

"The key message is that we are working with state government and intend for SACE exams to go ahead at the end of the year, but they will be pushed back a little bit."

For Olivia Valente, of the Barossa Valley, the possibility of repeating the year did not appeal to her.

She said her fear of not graduating had left her feeling "anxious".

"I was also a bit upset because I had been working hard for the past 12 years and didn't want to see that all thrown away," said the Nuriootpa High student.

The outcome has meant Olivia can now focus on her assignments from home and prepare for a legal studies exam.

She added how she is grateful of her teachers and the school's technology which keeps her motivated and on track.

Meanwhile, the changes have been made in line with the National Education Council which agreed that year 12 students around Australia should graduate by the end of the year.

Exam dates for the state are expected to be unveiled mid-year.

The board joined with regional schools to look at practical assessments are required to be completed at school.

Options considered include the use of videos.

South Australia's year 12 workload includes about 70 per cent assignments combined with about 30 per cent exams.

The board said this unique structure has enabled students to work from home.

"There is loads of preparation work being done behind the scenes as we liaise with teachers and principals," said the spokersperson.

The unified effort has involved up to 60 video-conferencing meetings held in a week.

To be kept up to date, visit the SACE board website

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