Pasin: Let's stop the spread

The past few months have been incredibly difficult on everyone. As a nation we are doing a great job.

By working together, we are saving lives and livelihoods in Australia.

A month ago, new cases of coronavirus were growing at a rate of more than 20 per cent a day.

More recently, the rate has fallen to below one per cent.

In South Australia in particular, we have made incredible progress.

However, we can't afford to get complacent. While we plan the road to recovery we must remain vigilant.

The speed of this recovery will depend very much on our ability to conduct comprehensive contact tracing and that is why the Australian Government has launched the new voluntary coronavirus app, COVIDSafe.

The more people who download this important public health app, the safer they and their family will be, the safer our community will be and the sooner we can safely lift restrictions and get back to doing the things we love.

I encourage everyone to download the app and help stop the spread.

For more information about the app and how it works go to

This is also where you can read more about how we are ensuring your privacy is protected.

Thank you to the more than 3 million Australians who have already downloaded CovidSafe.

Together we can help stop the spread and get back life as we love it in Barker.

Tony Pasin,

Federal Member for Barker