Rotary acknowledges mayor's achievements

The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge has presented Rural City of Murray Bridge Mayor Brenton Lewis, a Paul Harris Fellow, with Saphire for his leadership and achievements.

At a Zoom Changeover celebration on Saturday night, June 27, the club had members and guests meeting in small groups all over the district which were connected via Zoom.

As Mayor Mr Lewis has excelled in part because of his passion for the region with always having an eye for the big picture, and in part because of his outstanding people management skills.

He successfuly ran for Mayor in 2014 with the slogan "Safe, Progressive and Proud".

He has led his council with drive and vision, with good financial management, plain for everyone to see with the opening of the new racing club, the Lerwin rebuild, the new war memorial, new footpaths, the beautification of the city's entrances, and the major rebuild of Thomas Foods.

Mr Lewis also successfully encouraged the Coorong Council to buy the Mitsubishi Motor Park which has now become the Bend Motor Sport Park, bringing more tourists into the region.

Another Rotarian high achiever, Jim Cundy, was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship for his facilitation and hard work fundraising through the Rotary Calender Project.

The project supports many charities and clubs throughout the region giving them the opportunity to participate.

Rotarian Jenny Alexander Walters was also presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her dedication as club secretary and work with young musicians in the region.

Club president Lesley Murray reflected on some excellent projects and outcomes despite the difficulties COVD-19 has presented.

Incomming president Simon Sickerdick looked to the future and introduced the new theme for 2020-21, the doors and opportunities that Rotary will open.

You will find the club's activities on its website and Facebook sites.