Celebrating 67 years

Still upholding the traditional birthday shoot of the merged Alexandra Club with Monarto, this year would have been its 67th celebration and it was celebrated with some fine shooting from some talented competitors on July 19.

The weather was pretty filthy, with a cold-front bringing wintry cold winds, blowing up from the South Pole, and with rain showers predicted, already happening throughout the Adelaide Hills, we were not holding our breaths as to the number who would dare to venture out in what some described as 'weather for ducks'.

We were expecting a middling-crowd to attend but the cars kept coming and we ended up with nine squads, though two of them were only partly filled.

A great turnout of 49 competitors and some 16 visitors.

The first event on the program was the 25 target Double Barrel Championship for the Ian and Phillip Campbell Memorial Team Shield.

Martin Collumb, Siegfried 'Ziggy' Drewing and Robert 'Bobby' Dower who had each shot a possible of 25/25 went out to shoot for the championship sash.

AA grade and Overall sash went to Martin Collumb with his score of 47/47 while Luke Higgins took second in the grade following a lengthy shoot-off with Barry Sims, Luke shooting a 77/78.

Bobby Dower won A grade with a 46/47 over 'Ziggy' Drewing on 28/29.

Rob Umback shot a 23/25 taking out B grade over Bruno Quinzi on 22/25 and the places for C grade went to Michael Schuman 21/25 over Evan Gunby on 22/27.

Six teams from the following clubs (Lower North, International, Southern, South Australian, and Monarto), were competing for the Campbell Memorial Shield, and the winning club was that put forward by International Clay Target Club after their combined scores of 120/125 was posted.

Team members were Rito Borzillo, Gary Coppola, Wessam Daou, Bobby Dower and Martin Collumb.

Event 2 was another 25 target Double Barrel Championship; this time shooters were vying for the Woodrow Shield Team Championship.

We saw another three possible scores on the board at the end of the event and this time AA grade shooters Barry Sims, Molly Bretag and Rob Clark went out to shoot off. In the squally winds Rob Clark was victorious shooting a 57/57 over Molly Bretag on 56/57 who took second place.

Trevor Shaddock shooting a 24/25 won A grade over Bobby Dower on 27/29. Bruno Quinzi took first place in B grade with his score of 23/25 over Darren Nicholas on 21/25 and C grade places went to Giovanni Maffia who shot a 23/25 beating Michael Schuman on 20/25.

Shooters scores were again tallied to see who won the Woodrow Shield Team event and this time Monarto won with a score of 118/125.

Team members for the home-team were Rob Clark, Molly Bretag, Barry Sims, Paul Kelly and Grant Carter. Jubilation for the home-team.

Event 3 was yet another Memorial event with a beautiful perpetual trophy on offer for the winner. The Don Fleetwood Memorial Championship is a 25 tgt Single Barrel event and in the windy conditions it would be test of concentration.

Martin Collumb took out his second Championship sash for the day winning Overall and AA grade with his score of 27/28 over Molly Bretag who shot a 26/28. B grade places went to Ziggy Drewing on 21/25 over Paul Kelly who shot a 20/25.

Bruno Quinzi, having a great day, took out B grade with his score of 20/25 over Darren Nicholas who shot a 19/25 and C grade places went to Giovanni Maffia on 18/25 over Michael Schuman on 18/26.

The fourth and final event was the 25 target Milang Handicap.

First place, and the Milang Championship sash, went to Ryan Smeda who shot 24/25 from his 19-metre mark. Second place was taken out by Bobby Dower shooting 30/32 from his 19-metre mark and third place went to Darren Nicholas who shot a 29/32 off 17 metres.

Competition over for the day it was time for presentations and three of Monarto's Club members took out the following major awards:

OVERALL HIGH GUN: Barry Sims 92/100

VETERAN'S HIGH GUN: Bobby Dower 86/100

LADIES HIGH GUN: Anna Evgeniou 75/100

JUNIOR HIGH GUN: Molly Bretag 91/100

Jim Forbes, former Alexandra Clay Target Club member, presented Giovanni Maffia with the encouragement award, the Jim Forbes Memorial perpetual cup awarded to the best C grade shooter over the day's competition.