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Imperial v Mypolonga

A postcard perfect Saturday afternoon greeted players and spectators at Johnstone Park for the pivotal round four clash as the Blues took on the reigning premiers Mypolonga.

The Tigers were kicking towards the Adelaide Road end of the oval in the first quarter.

Early on it was a skillful contest as both sides were clean and precise with their early possessions and it was a willing contest.

The Blues defence was holding firm repelling several forays forward by the Tigers.

It was the Blues Sam DeMichele that recorded the afternoons first score when from 50 metres out he managed a minor score.

Ten minutes into the contest and scores were locked at one point each as the Blues playing coach Scott McMahon punched the ball across the line to register a point for the Tigers.

James Moss took one of his customary strong marks up forward but much to the dissatisfaction of the Tigers supporters his shot on goal from 30 metres out was inaccurate.

The Blues responded quickly when Sam Mobbs playing his first A grade game of the season goaled off the ground from close quarters to the goals.

The Tigers then went forward through Clint Diment to an awaiting James Moss but yet again Moss was inaccurate.

Sam DeMichelle received a free kick from just inside attacking 50 in the right side pocket but his kick hit the goal post at half way height.

James Clarke was silky smooth in his disposal to a leading Johnny Boras that was initially started with a Louis DeMichelle tap to Clarke.

Right on the quarter time siren Boras goaled.

At quarter time the Blues led 2.2 14 to the Tigers 0.3 3.

A strong start to the second quarter by the Blues led by Tyson Waite in defence saw the Blues control possession from one end of the oval to the other leaving veteran Luke Harrowfield to goal from 10 metres out .

Matt Williams in his first game of the season was controlling the rucks around the oval and this enabled the Blues to be precise with their possessions and Sam Butterworth found a leading Johnny Boras who could only manage a minor score.

The Tigers then through hard graft cleared the ball out the Blues attacking 50 and a 50 metre free to Todd Howson that brought him to within 60 metres of the Tigers goal.

His pass to James Moss who was 30 metres out from goal on a tight angle resulted in a minor score .

Inaccurate kicking for goal was hampering the Tigers progress on the scoreboard.

This was highlighted further shortly after when Johnny Boras found Dylan Hollitt with plenty of space in the forward line and Hollitt was accurate with his shot on goal.

The Tigers responded though when Benjamin Davis produced a superb tackle on Kyle Daish and was rewarded with a free kick 35 metres directly in front of Goal and Davis kicked truly.

Going goal for goal the Blues responded when Dylan Hollitt found Sam DeMichele 30 metres directly in front of Goal . DeMichelle then went calmly back and kicked the goal.

James Moss responded quickly when the ball cleared him and the Blues defender Ryan Farnham and Moss ran back twisting and turning avoiding the chasing Farnham and goaled.

The Blues had the next opportunity to goal when Matt Williams tap work saw Dylan Hollitt with possession to a leading Sam DeMichele but his shot was wayward.

James Moss then got clearance from air traffic control and launched high against a hapless Matt Williams and took a screamer.

Moss then completed his work with a goal.

The Tigers kicked three goals in succession when the Blues Ryan Farnham was caught holding the ball deep in defence.

Benjamin Davis then goaled for the Tigers.

At half time the Blues led 5.6 36 to the Tigers 4.6 30.

The Blues started the third quarter quickly and a 50 metre free kick to Dylan Hollitt saw him within range and from 30 metres out he goaled to give the Blues the dream start.

A further opportunity to extend the margin saw Lachlan Marsh combine with Jamie Honner, Honner then used DeMichele and Shane Paech roved the ball off the pack but only managed a minor score.

Gareth Williams then found an awaiting Johnny Boras 60 metres out.

The Tigers defence was resolute under fierce pressure.

The Blues then cracked the Tigers defence when Sam DeMichele had a shot from 40 metres out and it was accurate and the Blues had extended the margin further.

That margin increased further, quickly after when DeMichele found Johnny Boras and Boras made no mistake.

Persistence in attack for the Tigers was eventually rewarded when James Moss managed the next goal by kicking one off the ground.

Several passages of swift ball movement around the oval going into attack for the Blues saw Louis DeMichele shot that was initially smothered but DeMichele persisted and regained the ball to goal.

Johnny Boras added to his tally when yet again he goaled continuing what was some impressive football by the Blues in this quarter.

This form continued when Scott McMahon found Gareth Williams in space to an open Shane Paech who duly ran to 25 out and goaled.

The Tigers kept persisting and in what was their cleanest passage of play for the quarter saw Rory Taggert mark 30 metres from goal.

The shot though was wayward and not what the Tigers needed.

Tyson Waite took a strong mark in defence for the Blues showing what a valuable asset he has become since his return to the club.

Johnny Boras then passed a short pass to Sam Butterworth who went on to kick his first A grade goal for the Blues.

At three time the Blues led 12.8 80 to 5.7 37.

A free kick to Matt Williams found Johnny Boras 40 metres out from goal and Boras continued his impressive form in kicking for goal as the Blues got the fast start to the quarter.

The Tigers then put the Blues defence under immense pressure and the Blues defence eventually yielded as Rory Taggert goaled from outside 50 metres.

The Tigers had two in quick time when James Moss goaled from a mark on the goal line.

The Blues though were cleaner in foot and hand skills and this was pivotal in Sam DeMichele kicking the next goal for the Blues.

A mistake in defence for the Blues resulted in a 50 metre free kick to Clint Diment who then kicked truly.

A strong mark to James Moss who then found Rory Taggert 40 metres out on a better angle to goal. Taggert made no mistake kicking truly.

The Blues waisted precious time going forward as Gareth Williams swiftly cleared the ball into the Blues attack to a leading Johnny Boras.

Boras' goal steadied the ship for the Blues as the Tigers had so far looked the better side this quarter.

Gareth Williams having his most consistent game this season was yet again pivotal in the next forward passage of play and Sam Butterworth was composed and ran into an open goal to kick his second goal of the day.

The Tigers got the next major score when Lochlan Gotch goaled from a free kick.

The Blues continued to be efficient in getting the ball out of the centre of the ground and quick ball movement enabled Johnny Boras to kick a game high sixth goal.

That was the final goal of the afternoon and the Blues had produced a gutsy effort against the reigning premiers and showed that with a true four quarter effort they can match anyone in the league.

IMPERIAL 17.10 112 def MYPOLONGA 10.8 68


Goal Kickers: J Boras 6, S DeMichele 3, D Hollitt 2, S Butterworth 2, S Mobbs, S Paech, L DeMichele, L Harrowfield.

Best Players: S Butterworth, G Williams, D Hollitt, T Waite, J Boras, C Anderson


Goal Kickers: J Moss 4, B Davis 2, R Taggert 2, L Gotch, C Diment.

Best Players: R Taggert , L Altschwager, C Diment , K Wilson , R Gotch.

JERVOIS 5.4-34 def by TAILEM BEND 8.13-61


Goal Kickers: J. Scott 3, L. Kluske, M. Noye

Best Players: T. Gibson, Z. Barry, T. Kluske, L. Kluske, T. Burkett


Goal Kickers: C. Smelt 4, J. Prosser 2, J. Jones, D. Hogarth

Best Players: B. Hansen, D. Finnie, C. Smelt, W. McMurray, J. Pitchford

RAMBLER 7.6-48 def by MANNUM 11.13-79


Goal Kickers: J. Weyland 2, K. Yakas 2, T. Mickan 2, K. Harradine

Best Players: S. Pfeiffer, A. Pratt, B. Dougall, A. Pfeiffer, J. Trevorrow


Goal Kickers: B. Tabe 4, J. Venning 3, Z. Bullard, L. Newton, B. Keeley, B. Quinn

Best Players: L. Newton, A. Smyth, B. Tabe, J. Woollard, J. Keller