Pinnaroo, Lameroo set for new look

Towns across the Southern Mallee will use a new distinguishable brand in the hopes of capturing the imagination of visitors, giving them a reason to stop and explore the district.

The brand was created by the Southern Mallee Business and Visitor Wayfinding Project Steering Committee, which is made up of community members, business owners, Southern Mallee council elected members and council staff.

The striking colours and design of the brand were created to represent key elements around the sun, water and highway, projecting a progressive, yet rustic and welcoming feel to visitors.

The community can expect to see signage with the brand as works start on the Pinnaroo Village Green Masterplan Project and the Lameroo Town Centre Revitalisation Project.

Southern Mallee Mayor Andrew Grieger said the brand would be used on township signage, banners, maps and digital platforms.

"While council does not currently have any budget allocated to the installation of such signage throughout the towns, we hope to begin embedding the design features into the development of the two multi-million-dollar town centre projects underway right now," he said.

"The artist's impression of the new brand mocked up on to directional signage, flagpoles, banners, shopping bags and even social media designs, looks incredible, and we're all excited about seeing the new look slowly make its way in to various parts of the town's public spaces.

Mr Greiger said the brand would be used as a tool for tourism and was separate from the logo used by the Southern Mallee District Council.

"It's important for the community the understand that the newly developed brand identity aims to promote a 'place' to visit, not to be associated with the day-to-day internal functions of the council," he said.

"Above all, this is an economic project designed to help increase visitors to our towns, and expenditure in our local businesses, and we're excited to see it roll out.

"Council will look to gain external funding from grant opportunities in the future to further develop the brand installation throughout the area over the coming years."

There are still touches that need to be finalised on the brand as well as the development of a guide to where the brand can be used across the district.