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Round 5, August 1, 2020

Tailem Bend v Imperials

Spring like conditions greeted the players at Tailem Bend for the round five contest that is played for the Leahy-Kneebone cup in remembrance of two young ladies who tragically lost their lives in an automobile accident.

Once the opening ceremonies had concluded and the balloons released it was time to get down to the football and the Eagles would start with the assistance of a noticeable breeze kicking towards the town end of the oval.

Almost immediately the Blues got on the scoreboard with a minor score as Jamie Honner drove the ball forward.

The Blues had two minor scores in succession when Louis DeMichele, combined with Jamie Honner and Sam DeMichelle but the shot was inaccurate .

The attacking momentum continued for the Blues and it was Johnny Boras gathering the ball from a pack and kicking truly that gave the Blues the first goal of the contest.

The Blues were dominant around the oval in the first half of the quarter controlling possession and with desperation shown by players like Louis DeMichele producing several quality smothers the Eagles were being stifled at every attempt forward.

A free kick to Shane Paech just on 50 metres resulted in a Johnny Boras mark in which he had three attempts before clinging it safely and then goaling.

The Eagles by now had started to settle and worked themselves back into the contest and they recorded their first goal as Mckenzie Hansen kicked truly from a free kick just on 50 metres out.

Sam Butterworth kicked the third of the opening quarter for the Blues as a result of a boundary throw in finding its way to Butterworth 30 metres out.

It was an impressive first quarter by the Blues who controlled the majority of the play to be leading 3.4 22 to 1.0 6 at the first break.

With in the opening minute of the second quarter the Eagles had entered into attack and from the left hand side pocket Travis Burns could only register a minor score.

The Blues then got the immediate response as Shaun O'Brien intercepted the ball and got it to Johnny Boras and an open Louis DeMichele.

found himself in an open goal and duly goaled.

The Blues were dominating the ruck contests around the ground and in the centre contests allowing them first chance with ball.

Johnny Boras then lined up 40 metres out on a slight angle but his shot found an awaiting Gareth Williams and from 10 metres direct in front no mistake was made.

The game was being played out on the outer side of the oval between the 50 metre arks.

Through sheer grit and hard graft the Eagles got the ball forward but got scant reward for the effort with Mackenzie Hansen only recording a minor score.

The Eagles continued to be luckless in front of goal as a mark to Dylan Hogarth then found a leading Connor Smelt but his shot hit the goal post half way up.

The next goal came to the Blues through Jamie Honner who found Johnny Boras who produced a little bit of the Boras party trick ensemble and kicked the ball under pressure backwards over his head to record a miracle goal.

Playing his first game for the season Will Crane kicked a long range goal from well outside 50 metres to the delight of the Blues supporters.

To finish the quarter as the siren sounded it was yet again Johnny Boras goaling to give the Blues a healthy advantage at the main break leading 8.8 56 to 1.3 9.

The opening chance of the second half to register a score went to the Eagles however they were unsuccessful as versatile defender James Clarke was dominant down back for the Blues and combing with Shaun O'Brien they looked impressive running the ball out the Eagles attacking zones.

Connor Smelt was however a focal point up forward for the Eagles but his next shot as a result of his strong mark and clean hands from 20 metres on the right hand pocket side was inaccurate.

Johnny Boras produced a duck weave duck combo to then produce a pass to Gareth Williams and Williams goaled from close range to extend the Blues advantage.

The Blues then peppered the goals with a couple of inaccurate chances but they had been controlling the play around the ground for the past five minutes.

Shane Paech produced a spin kick to an awaiting Johnny Boras and Boras finished off Paech's good work .

A strong one handed mark to the Eagles forward Connor Smelt saw him peg one back on the scoreboard and the Eagles then duly got the next goal again through Connor Smelt as Shane Thomson marked 30 metres out and then Smelt took a strong mark on the goal line.

The Eagles kicked the final two goals but trailed the Blues 11.10 76 to 3.4 22 at three-quarter-time.

The Eagles had the better of the play in the opening five minutes of the quarter and despite the margin on the scoreboard the game play didn't reflect it, as the game was being played willingly with neither side conceding ground.

A classy pass by Benjamin Franks to Connor Smelt resulted in the opening score of the quarter being a minor one only.

Smelt quickly redeemed himself producing a strong mark and then composing himself and kicking truly from just outside 20 metres.

The Eagles had now found some of their mojo that had enabled them to record an impressive win last week and as the breeze dropped noticeably the Eagles looked to be controlling passages of play and this resulted in their main man up forward Connor Smelt kicking his second goal of the quarter.

The Blues responded in emphatic style through their skipper James Clarke who with dogged determination and skill was pivotal in producing the next forward attack with which Shane Paech was able to kick his second goal of the afternoon.

The Eagles responded yet again with a third goal of the quarter to Connor Smelt who's mark on 30 enabled the shot on goal.

The Eagles were having an impressive final quarter running the game out strongly.

Gareth Williams pass to Shaun O'Brien was set up by some skilful running play by the Blues and O'Brien duly goaled.

Sam Butterworth and Shane Paech combined nicely to find Johnny Boras and Boras then kicked his 6th goal of the afternoon.

The Blues worked the ball out of the centre through Luke Harrowfield and Dylan Hollitt resulting in Johnny Boras having his second shot on goal with in a minute.

Boras kicked straight to finish the game with seven goals.

It was an impressive performance by the Blues who played some precise attacking football.

For the Eagles however the scoreboard was perhaps not a true reflection of the afternoon and they certainly in patches looked good but couldn't sustain it for long periods of the game.

The final score saw the Blues victorious 15.10 100 to the Eagles 6.5 41.

IMPERIALS 15.10 100 def TAILEM BEND 6.5 41


Best players: B Hansen, D Finnie, C Smelt, L Appledore, J Pitchford

Goal kickers: C Smelt 5, M Hansen.


Best players: J Clarke, D Hollitt, J Boras, L DeMichele, W Crane

Goal kickers: J Boras 7, S Paech, G Williams 2, L DeMichelle, W Crane, S O'Brien, S Butterworth

Mannum V Jervois

In a tight, low-scoring contest between Mannum and Jervois, at Mannum on Saturday, the visitors overcame a 12 point deficit to dominate the last ten minutes of the match, and grab a win by the barest of margins. With the breeze blowing across the ground, towards the scoreboard pocket, defences were on top, and scoring was difficult throughout.

Jervois won the toss, and kicked to the netball courts end, slightly favoured by the breeze, and scored first when Zane Barry, who went on to play a fine game, kicked to the square, where big Josh Scott, too strong one on one, marked and goaled.

Blake Tabe got Mannum's first when when his shot from deep in the pocket eluded the defenders, but the scoring dried up until a loose handball in defence resulted in an easy goal to Tim Hartman of Jervois. Jake Venning got Mannum's second with a volley from the square, then Mannum missed a couple of set shots. A beautiful pass gave Jervois' Patrick Barry a shot as the siren sounded, but his kicked was touched for Mannum to lead by a point at the break.

Mannum opened positively with goals to Jack Woollard, from a free, and Tyson Schellen, and Mannum were out by 14 points, the biggest lead of the match. Jervois narrowed the margin with a goal which ran along the ground, only to bounce up over several players and go through. Both defences were working overtime, with Mannum's Josh Rudiger playing strongly on Scott, with great support from Mick O'Malley and Isaac Hampel, while Jervois' back half was well led by Justin Hardy and Ryan McKaye.

The siren sounded before Mannum's Woollard running into an open goal, could get his kick away, and the Roos went in to long break with an eight-point lead.

The wind was freshening as the second half began, and was blowing directly across the oval, making things even more difficult for the players, and it took several minutes into the term before the first goal of the half, from Rick Fischer from a free for Jervois.

Casey Robins cut off a Mannum atttack with a big mark at half-back, but another big mark, from Mannum's Schellen, going into a pack with courage, resulted in a goal to Tabe. A late goal to Josh Noye saw the scores level at the last break, and it was anyone's game,

Skipper Liam Newton put Mannum in front with a left foot goal soon after play resumed, followed by misses for both sides, before a Tabe interception led to Lachlan Smith taking the ball off hands and putting Mannum 12 points up after 15 minutes.

However, big Tony Gibson cut the margin back to six immediately after, and from the bounce Jervois went forward again where Scott was freed and levelled the scores with his goal.

With the game entering time-on, Scott was covering a lot of ground and having a real influence, while Hardy was supreme at half back in this vital period.

Jervois were rewarded for some good team work, when Scott put them into the lead with a point, and they were able to hang on over last couple of anxious minutes for a hard-fought and well earned victory.

JERVOIS 7.7 49 def MANNUM 7.6-48


Goal kickers: B. Tabe 2, L. Smith, L. Newton, J. Venning, T. Schellen, J. Woollard

Best players: M. O''Malley, I. Hampel, A. Smyth, L. Newton, M. Heward


Goal kickers: J. Scott 2, J. Noye, C. Richardson, R. Fischer, Z. Barry, T. Gibson

Best players: Z. Barry, S. Rushe, T. Burkett, J. Woodall, R. Fischer

MYPOLONGA 15.7 97 def RAMBLER 10.11 71


Goal kickers: J. Moss 4, R. Taggert 4, B. Gogel 3, C. Pengilly 2, C. Diment, S. Lehmann

Best players: S. Lehmann, B. Davis, C. Diment, B. Gogel, J. Moss


Goal kickers: J. Weyland 2, K. Yakas 2, L. Kelei 2, J. Paech, W. Altmann, K. Harradine, P. O''Neil

Best players: A. Pratt, J. Paech, B. Dougall, A. Gollan, A. Holland