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Mannum v Mypolonga

Another tight, hard-fought game at Mannum, played in wintry conditions, saw Mypolonga run out 8 point winners over Mannum, who were missing several key players.

The loss of high leaping ruckman Daniel Laubsch, in particular, meant that star defender Michael O'Malley was required to share ruck duties with Brad Wakefield, which left a significant gap in their defence, already missing key backman Isaac Hampel.

As a drizzling rain set in, Mannum did the early attcking, and scored the first goal of the game through captain Zakk Bullard after a minute's play.

Despite locking the ball in their forward area, Mannum could not add to their score, and against the trend of play, Mypo's Rory Taggart kicked their first goal after a neat pick-up of the wet ball,

Blake Tabe took the ball off hands to get Mannum's second, but Clint Diment took a good mark to send Mypo forward where Ben Gogel's set shot just cleared the defenders' hands.

Mypo stretched their lead to seven points when Lachlan Gotch's snap sailed through as the siren sounded.

Neither side were able to break through for several minutes in the second term, but Mypo's Taggart did so with a point, followed by a goal after a neat pass from Gogel.

Star forward James Moss stretched the lead to 20 points with his first goal, following a free kick, but it was tough going as both sides battled the conditions.

Mannum's Tabe was working hard, and stood his ground to mark, taking a solid hit, kicking truly. He was in it again as he led to a well judged pass and his third goal saw Mannum trailing by eight points at half-time.

Mypo got the first goal of the second half after four minutes as a result of a free to Moss, and it was Moss again, several minutes later who was on the end of a pass from Kobe Wilson, stretching the margin to 18 points.

Mannum also had scoring opportunities, but managed only three behinds, misses which would cost them dearly.

Mypo kicked the ball into attack from the first bounce of the last term - only it was into Mannum's forward lines.

Luckily for the player guilty of this unforced error, his team-mates in defence were able to clear the ball, and no doubt claimed several drinks after the game for getting him out of trouble.

Mypo's defence had more work to do as Mannum attacked early in the quarter, but stood firm with a series of strong marks.

After six minutes Diment's goal put the Tigers 21 points ahead, and it was going to be difficult for Mannum to bridge the gap.

Bryson Keeley had a couple of set shots, but couldn't quite make the distance, then Clint Warhurst ran down a defender to win a free and his goal gave Mannum a sniff of victory with plenty of time left.

Jacob Cook cut the margin to eight points after he also caught a defender holding the ball, and with a few minutes left, the Roos were in with a chance.

However, Mypo, with a couple of crucial plays where Kobe Wilson turned the tide, were able to hold on.

Mypo's accuracy in front of goal was decisive, while Mannum, in comparison, would certainly regret not making the most of their chances throughout the match.

Mannum 6.6-42 def by Mypolonga 8.2-50


Goal Kickers: B. Tabe 3, Z. Bullard, C. Warhurst, J. Cook

Best Players: B. Tabe, C. Horstmann, J. Cook, L. Newton, M. O''Malley


Goal Kickers: J. Moss 3, R. Taggert 2, L. Gotch, C. Diment, B. Gogel

Best Players: T. Howson, B. Gogel, R. Taggert, S. Lehmann, L. Butler

Jervois 8.4-52 def Imperial 5.4-34


Goal Kickers: J. Scott 4, Z. Barry, B. Bigazi, C. Robins, S. Rushe

Best Players: H. Barnett, J. Noye, J. Scott, P. Barrett, Z. Barry


Goal Kickers: S. DeMichele 3, J. Boras 2

Best Players: T. Wait, L. DeMichele, D. Hollitt, L. Harrowfield, S. Paech

Tailem Bend 5.11-41 def by Rambler 14.5-89


Goal Kickers: C. Smelt 2, B. Hansen, T. Burns, M. Hansen

Best Players: B. Hansen, D. Finnie, W. McMurray, B. Franks, S. Martin


Goal Kickers: S. Pfeiffer 5, C. Walker 2, K. Yakas 2, P. O''Neil 2, L. Kelei, J. Paech, M. Hartman

Best Players: S. Pfeiffer, C. Walker, R. Vanson, J. Weyland, J. Trevorrow