Council gives approval to delve into project

Bold and beautiful art is showcased on silos across the state as the trend to use the large canvases to promote town pride continues, and Murray Bridge could soon head down the same path.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge decided at its meeting on Monday night, August 10, to explore the possibility of adorning silos with unique artwork with sites being considered at Railway Terrace in Murray Bridge and Monarto South.

Coonaplyn hosts artwork on the town's 30-metre high, five-cell Viterra silos completed in 2017 while since 2019, the Karoonda silo is decorated with both permanent artwork and artistic projections at night.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has consulted with other councils and Viterra and expects the financial investment for silo art and relating works to be around $200,000 to $220,000.

Murray Bridge Mayor Brenton Lewis said the the vision to decorate the silos had generated a lot of discussion.

"Some of the councillors in particular are very passionate about this," he said.

Mayor Lewis told The Standard he was excited to announce the council had approved development of the project scope to undertake silo art.

"Having seen silo art proliferate through regional SA in recent years, council has been discussing ways of ensuring our region also benefits," he said.

"The scoping document will be prepared over the coming months and will give council an understanding of the budget requirements and possible grants as well as the appropriate art forms.

"It would be great to see some more significant artworks in our region, further enhancing the work we have undertaken to show that Murray Bridge is proud, safe and progressive."