Police commitment restricts officers' leave

Coronavirus: Police commitment restricts officers' leave

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, South Australian police officers will be restricted to taking no more than two weeks of holidays at a time, beginning next month.

The restriction is a direction from Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, who is also the state coordinator under the South Australia's Emergency Management Act.

"Due to SAPOL's ongoing significant commitment to the current COVID-19 situation, police officers' leave will be managed to ensure that we have sufficient resources to fulfill our obligations under the Emergency Management Act," the spokesperson said.

"The Commissioner has directed that, from 1 September, leave be restricted to a maximum of two weeks taken at any one time and that workplaces maintain adequate staffing levels."

Currently SA Police officers are not only covering general duties but they are also stationed at border entry points across the state and at quarantine hotels in Adelaide.

On August 12, Commissioner Stevens delivered news that businesses will need to use marshalls to enforce social distancing and other restrictions in public venues.

Restaurants and other eateries, food courts, supermarkets, gyms and churches are just some of the businesses that will need to employ a dedicated marshall to oversee patrons to ensure they are following protocols.