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ROUND 7, 2020

Imperials v Mannum 

It was a cool blustery afternoon that greeted both sides at Johnstone Park for this round seven clash.

The Blues were keen to atone for their previous weeks loss to the Bluds.

The Blues started by kicking towards the Adelaide road end of the oval and the opening few minutes saw a tight dour affair as both sides looked for ascendancy early on and at times this produced forced errors and the game somewhat stagnated between both sides forward 50 metre arks.

It was kind of like two prize fighters eyeing each other off before they threw the match winning combo.

It was entertaining to watch but it wasn't keeping the scoreboard attendant busy changing numbers on the board.

The opening score of the game went to the Roos Jack Woollard as he kicked a minor score directly as a result of a long ball in from Blake Tabe.

Jack Woollard then kicked the opening goal of the afternoon as an error in defence from the Blues proved costly for them.

Inaccurate kicking was hampering the Roos scoreline and keeping the Blues right in the contest.

A superb kick from Sam DeMichele to Johnny Boras resulted in the Blues first score being a minor one only.

The Blues through a superb Nathan Daish handball under immense pressure and quick flowing passage of play allowed Sam DeMichele to goal from 15 metres out .

The Blues then kicked the next goal through Johnny Boras to turn what had been a shaky start to a 3 point lead at quarter-time.

At 1/4 time it was the Blues 2.1.13 to the Roos 1.4.1 .

The Roos controlled the opening moments of the second quarte , yet the Blues defence being led by Tyson Wait were proving to be resilient in thwarting the Roos attacks and this was exemplified by the courage on display from first year senior player Aidan Morrell showing a coolness under pressure to help the Blues clear the ball deep out of defence.

Eventually through sheer persistence the Roos cracked the Blues defence and Jacob Cook goaled from deep inside a pack of players 15 metres out from goal.

The Roos kicked successive goals when Jarrad Woodward got his boot to the ball and the shot saw the ball first bounce to the left , then the right before straightening to go through the two big sticks.

The Blues got the much needed response through Sam DeMichelle who goaled from 25 metres out.

What was clearly noticeable as half time approached was how two veteran footballers in Tyson Wait and Michael O Malley were both dominant across halfback for their respective sides, it was a true joy to witness and the young lads from both sides are gaining so much from playing alongside two River Murray Football stand outs.

Johnny Boras then showed you don't need to be standing perpendicular to score goals when laying flat on his back he got his boot on the ball in a scissor kick motion.

At half time the Blues trialled by one point 4.1.25 to the Roos 3.8.26 .

The start of the second half began under bright sunshine and the opening minutes saw both sides jostling for possession in an open contest around the oval however at times both sides were not clean in their possessions.

Luke Harrowfield got the ball to Tyson Wait who had drifted forward and in turn he found Sam DeMichele 35 metres out in front. Sam made no mistake and goaled.

The Roos had opportunities going forward but couldn't capitalise on their chances.

A long ball forward from Will Crane saw Johnny Boras judge the balls bounce perfectly and he goaled from just on five metres out.

What happened next was pivotal in a low scoring affair when the Blues went from 15 metres out from their own attacking goal to giving away a series of frees that took the Roos 150 metres down the oval and from 10 metres out Michael O Malley made no mistake.

At 3/4 time the Blues clung to a four point lead 6.1.37 to the Roos 4.9.33

It was all to play for as the final quarter began and there was no such thing as an easy possession to be had as the games intensity lifted.

The opening two scores were both rushed scores to the Roos.

Tyson Wait kept producing the goods in defence repelling several attacks by the Blues.

A 50 metre free kick to Will Crane then saw Scott McMahon line up for a shot but his shot was wayward and a minor score only resulted.

In a rare mistake for Tyson Wait he was neatly tackled by Cameron Horstmann and the resulting free kick saw Horstmann kick truly and putting the Roos into the lead.

From here on out the game turned into an enthralling contest with no easy balls to be found and every possession was a possession under pressure resulting in a scrappy dour contest.

Sam Mobbs took a mark just on 50 metres and as he was going back looking to potentially pass the ball off , the final siren sounded meaning Mobbs now had to go back from outside 50 and kick truly to give the Blues victory.

Mobbs went back and unfortunately for the Blues he failed to make distance and the Roos had snuck home for a two point win away from home in what was a great game of football .

The final scores Blues 6.3.39 defeated by the Roos 5.11.41 .

Imperial 6.3-39 defeated by Mannum 5.11-41


Goal Kickers: S. DeMichelle 3, J. Boras 2, S. Mobbs

Best Players: T. Wait, J. Clarke, L. Harrowfield, N. Daish, A. Morrell


Goal Kickers: M. O''Malley, J. Woollard, J. Cook, J. Woodward, C. Horstmann

Best Players: M. O''Malley, A. Smyth, J. Woollard, S. Cooke, J. Webster

Mypolonga 11.5-71 defeated by Tailem Bend 14.18-102


Goal Kickers: S. Elliott 4, L. Butler 2, M. Butler, J. Eckermann, R. Taggert, K. Wilson, B. Gogel

Best Players: S. Elliott, G. Heintze, R. Taggert, J. Eckermann, K. Wilson


Goal Kickers: C. Smelt 7, D. Perks 2, J. Wilson 2, B. Hansen, D. Hogarth, D. King

Best Players: W. McMurray, C. Smelt, D. Finnie, H. Irwin, D. Hogarth

Rambler 8.10-58 defeated by Jervois 9.13-67


Goal Kickers: T. Mickan 2, S. Pfeiffer 2, G. Rigney 2, R. Vanson, A. Pratt

Best Players: A. Pratt, A. Pfeiffer, C. Walker, T. Baker, R. Vanson


Goal Kickers: J. Hardy 4, R. Fischer 2, Z. Barry, B. Bigazi, J. Scott

Best Players: S. Braun, Z. Barry, T. Gibson, C. Robins, J. Hardy