Shining a light on SA carers

As Minister for Child Protection, I've been privileged to meet foster and kinship carers right across South Australia.

A few things are clear - there is no one type of carer.

Singles, families, grandparents, newly weds and same-sex couples from a vast range of cultural backgrounds are supporting our most vulnerable children and young people with all kinds of care - short and long term, emergency and respite.

Each and every one of them is opening up their hearts and homes to our children and young people and all of them deserve our thanks.

This week, we shine a light on our carers during Foster and Kinship Care Week (September 13-19).

In the past 12 months, I'm particularly proud to announce more than 100 new family-based carers have put up their hands to provide safe and loving homes for our children and young people who cannot, for whatever reason, live with their biological parents.

Despite all the challenges of COVID-19, it's wonderful to see more South Australians considering foster care and in turn, helping change lives.

I'd like to take this opportunity to really urge your readers who are willing and able to consider foster care.

There is no better form of community service than providing support, love and care to our South Australian children and young people.

Rachel Sanderson,

South Australian Minister for Child Protection