Mayor highlights issues decided at latest council meeting

Community helps Murray Bridge council decide

Spring is clearly in the air with the warmth of the last week or so. I am sure the farmers are remaining hopeful of a good spring to round out the season.

At Council on Monday night we were thinking of our farmers as we considered a range of views from our primary production sector on the merits of maintaining the ban on genetically modified crops in our region.

In the end, having had regard to the views expressed in our public consultation process, the Council determined that it will not apply to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for designation of our area as an area in which no genetically modified food crops may be cultivated.

We hope that this now provides the certainty to our primary producers on this issue moving forward.

Twelve months ago Council started participating in a pilot program for Recycled Product Procurement.

The aim was to help develop local markets for recyclable materials by increasing market demand. We committed to reporting back to the community on progress and we have received the first report.

After the first six months, the nine councils involved have identified over 150 suppliers of recycled-content products and materials available in SA and made over 450 individual purchases of these recycled products totaling over 17,000 tonnes of recycled materials and 106 tonnes of recycled plastic.

This is a great result and we are looking forward to further reports in the future.

Council also discussed the new Community Land Management Plan for Wilden's Way which includes provisions for the leasehold land to be returned to open space at the end of the lease terms beyond 2061.

Council noted the overwhelming public support for the plan during public consultation. A number of submissions in particular noted the importance of future access to the river for the community which Council affirmed in its decision.

Council also considered a recommendation that Jubilee Park be renamed to recognise Rotary and the significant support Rotary continues to provide to the park.

Council was happy proceed with the renaming noting that, while records have not been found, it is believed that Jubilee was included in the park's name to mark the 150th anniversary of colonisation of South Australia in 1986.

Council is currently at the second stage of its Representation Review. The first round of consultation feedback supported the status quo of retaining an area structure with 9 area councillors and a Mayor directly elected by the community.

Our second stage consultation is now seeking comments on the retention of our current structure with community submissions to be considered by Council at its December meeting prior to making a recommendation to the Electoral Commissioner.

I know I speak on behalf of my fellow elected members in wishing everyone in our community good health in this current time and look forward to being able to report further work in a month's time.

Brenton Lewis, Mayor

Rural City of Murray Bridge.