GM crops: who really gains?

Photo - Shutterstock
Photo - Shutterstock

Farmers really need truth and facts, not flawed reports on which the government have based their decision to lift SA's GM moratorium.

Who benefits from GM crops?

What benefit flows from coercing governments and marketers, and the general population to eat GE crops?

They receive global control of the food supply and lots of financial returns in pesticide and seeds, and research money from governments.

I encourage you to consider what happens when things go wrong - adverse effects, crop failures or when the globe decides to stop biotechnology?

GM food crops are not about farmer's choice of what they want to grow.

The farmer is linked into a dependent contract with the biotech industry for herbicides, pesticides and ongoing seed purchases.

The farmer no longer owns the seed, nor can save any seed. SA growers already earn premiums.

Based on PIRSA Farm Gross Margins and Enterprise Planning Guide, higher gross margins/ha growing conventional canola, compared to RR canola.

NON-GM canola grown produces about 30pc higher gross margin per hectare than GM varieties.

Wake up farmers... it will be you who loses, not the biotech companies.

Local councils can and should decide to keep SA GM-free.

Rita Porker,